MS Dhoni Had Good Cricketing Brain So I Suggested BCCI To Make Him Captain: Sachin Tendulkar

MS Dhoni Had Good Cricketing Brain So I Suggested BCCI To Make Him Captain: Sachin Tendulkar

Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar backed veteran MS Dhoni who is currently out of form and couldn't put up some good show with his bat/Getty Images

MS Dhoni won matches in his mind. He understood the game and guided his players accordingly. Sachin Tendulkar said that he was convinced MS Dhoni should be the next Indian captain, when he observed him from the position of a slip cordon during a match, and told BCCI about it in 2007.

Tendulkar said that there were times when he interacted with Dhoni and tried to understand his thinking process. He would discuss different aspects of the match with the former India wicker-keeper and after much observation realised that he had good cricket brains and should lead the national team.

MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar says MS Dhoni knows what he needs to do as a cricketer. Image Courtesy: Getty

“I wouldn’t get into details how it happened but yes I did say when I was asked (by the senior BCCI people) as to what do I think,” Tendulkar recollected during an interview to PTI on the just-retired former India captain.

“I had mentioned that I won’t be going to SA as I was carrying a few injuries… But back then, I used to stand in the slip cordon and I used to interact with MS and understand what he was thinking, the field setting and I would discuss all those aspects.

“I observed his match reading and I came to a conclusion that he had a good cricketing brain so I suggested to the board that this is what I feel. MS should be the next one to take charge,” India’s greatest batsman recollected what transpired 13 summers back.

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Dhoni understood the game well. He knew the strength of the side and backs his players accordingly. He did not takes any kind of frivolous decisions and likes to maintain his calm. It is due to these qualities Dhoni came up as one of the most calm and composed character on the cricket field.

All the success had made him one of the most influential person on the cricketing circuit but he was not the same when he was first introduced to the national team. Besides that, MS Dhoni has also been the go-to man for his teammates whenever he was on the field.