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MS Dhoni has Flair Written All Over Him – Tabraiz Shamsi

MS Dhoni, 200 sixes
MS Dhoni (Image Courtesy: Getty)

MS Dhoni is currently playing the first ODI against the Windies. Meanwhile, South Africa bowler, Tabraiz Shamsi loves the way how MS Dhoni has changed perceptions with his cricket. Despite his numbers showing a different story, he’s a veteran of a game and has achieved everything that cricket has to offer.

What his figures are is hardly comparable with any other keepers across the world. Moreover, it could be said that Dhoni is the fastest, smoothest and most successful keepers regarding stumpings.

Moreover, MS Dhoni is equally effective against the fast bowlers as well as spinners. He has 256 catches and 38 stumpings in Test cricket, 306 catches and 113 stumpings in ODIs and with 54 catches and 33 stumpings in T20Is. In addition to that, MS Dhoni had a total of more than 800 dismissals in international cricket before the ongoing match against the Windies.

Tabraiz Shamsi, MS Dhoni

Tabraiz Shamsi was left in awe of MS Dhoni. Image Courtesy: Getty

Meanwhile, Dhoni has a unique style of wicket-keeping which is different from others. His style sometimes wouldn’t impress those who are fans of the textbook style. However, with his age going towards the forties, his batting and big hitting capabilities is fading away, but he is still doing his job behind the stumps.

Furthermore, MS Dhoni’s quick hands and swift feet in the first ODI against the Windies has inspired Shamsi. He says MS does things his way, and the way he executes, it makes people look upto him. Also, MS Dhoni has been in some action in the Guwahati ODI. He grabbed one catch and saved a few runs with his brilliant work behind the wickets.

“MS Dhoni has flair written all over him!! I just love the way he keeps… changed people’s perception on “the right way” of doing things and following the text book There is no right or wrong way of doing things, find YOUR WAY and believe in it”


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