New Zealand Health Ministry Glad After Pakistan's Improved Behaviour Following A Strict Warning

New Zealand Health Ministry Glad After Pakistan’s Improved Behaviour Following A Strict Warning

Pakistan [Photo-PCB]

Pakistan cricket team has copped the heat significantly in New Zealand in the last 24 hours due to their irresponsible behaviour. Pakistan cricket team has travelled to New Zealand to partake in two Tests and three T20Is and have failed to abide by the quarantine protocols in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. However, their behaviour has revealed to be an improved one following a strict warning.

The rule breaches resulted in six of their cricketers testing positive for COVID-19. In a footage captured by the surveillance cameras, Pakistan men’s cricket team was seen breaking the protocols designed strictly to prevent the spread of the virus. As a result, New Zealand issued strictly notified the tourists to adhere to the rules or they will have to fly back home.

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New Zealand’s health ministry claimed that since the warning had got out to the Pakistan cricketers, the following of the rules have improved. The association was thankful for the team, co-operating after positive cases were announced within the outfit. It added that co-operation and adherence are critical in ensuring safety from COVID-19.

“Since the team was issued with a warning, compliance with MIQ [managed isolation and quarantine] rules in the facility has significantly improved. We thank members of the team for their co-operation with the case investigations following the announcement of positive cases within the team. Co-operation and compliance are critical in ensuring New Zealand is kept safe from Covid-19,” the state ministry released a statement.

I don’t know how many times Pakistan cricketers did that: Ashley Bloomfield

New Zealand Health Ministry Glad After Pakistan's Improved Behaviour Following A Strict Warning
Pakistan. (Credits: Twitter)

Ashley Bloomfield, New Zealand’s director general of health, expressed his anger at Pakistan’s team lingering in the hallways sharing food, chatting, and without masks. Ashley remains unaware of how much this has happened; however, with the players signing up to the arrangements, they should be expected to follow it.

Rather than being in their own rooms, which is a requirement for the first three days, there was some mingling in the hallways, chatting, sharing food and not wearing masks. I don’t know how many times they did that, but it only needs once for us to take a dim view of it. These players signed up to the arrangements in an undertaking that made what was expected of them very clear,” Bloomfield told Radio New Zealand.

Bloomfield added that they are required to be in the rooms for now and the training drills would not have taken place until the three-day testing.

“At the moment, they are all required to be in their rooms, which was the requirement anyway. The training exemption would not have kicked in until after we had the results of the day-three testing, if we were happy with the results,” he added.

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