Players Should Use The Concussion Substitute Rule Fairly And Responsibly - Mark Taylor

Players Should Use The Concussion Substitute Rule Fairly And Responsibly – Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor. Credits: Getty Images.

Former Australia captain, Mark Taylor had made his opinions heard on the concussion saga which took place in the first T20I between India and Australia in Canberra.

During the first T20I, Ravindra Jadeja was struck on the helmet by a Mitchell Starc bouncer. However, he did not receive any medical attention and continued batting. India brought in Yuzvendra Chahal as his substitute. Chahal picked 3 wickets which dented the Australian innings, and was named the Man of the Match.

Ravindra Jadeja, Yuzvendra Chahal, Concussion Substitute, India, Australia
Ravindra Jadeja (Credits: Twitter)

Before getting hit by the bouncer, Jadeja was seen struggling with his hamstring during his inning. And when the news broke that Chahal is replacing him as a concussion substitute, Justin Langer, head coach of the Australian team was videoed having a heated discussion with the match referee.

Players and coaches should take more responsibility in running the game: Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor has spoken on the events that unfolded on Friday. He started by saying that the concussion rules are designed to protect the players and should not be abused.

Mark Taylor feels that if the committee finds that the rule is being used unfairly, they might have to scrap it as they did with the runner’s rule. He reminds everyone that the extra runner rule was outlawed because batsmen use to abuse it and gain an unfair advantage.

As quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald, Mark Taylor said, “The concussion rules are there to protect players. If they are abused there’s a chance it will go like the runner’s rule. The reason the runners were outlawed was because it started to be abused. It’s up to the players to make sure they use the concussion sub fairly and responsibly.”

India, Australia
Yuzvendra Chahal strikes [Photo-Twitter]
The 56-year-old also made it clear that he is not suggesting that the Indian team was wrong and neither did Jadeja faked anything. The commentator adds that it is the responsibility of the players and coaches to protect the laws and play fairly as the rules, such as the concussion substitute is made to protect them.

“I’m not suggesting that didn’t happen last night.”

“I’ve said for years I’d like to see players and coaches take more responsibility in running the game. The laws are there to protect them and make the game better for the player. Just make sure they’re used correctly, that’s all I would say,” Mark Taylor added.

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