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In any sport, the role of fitness is very crucial for each and every player. In the past years, cricket was considered a sport where players were picked not on their fitness but on their talent. However, nowadays, the fitness side of things is equally as imperative for cricketers as is their talent.

While injuries are something that every player likes to minimize by staying fit at all times, there are certain things which are out of their control. Sometimes, players suffer fatal accidents away from the cricket field, that changes their lives completely.

There are various players in the world right now who suffered from accidents but came back stronger, and some even went on to become key personnel for their team.

Here are five players who had suffered fatal accidents in the past:

5) Bruce French

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Bruce French (Source: Twitter)

Former English player Bruce French is known to have suffered multiple fatal accidents in his life. He played for England for just three years, earning 16 caps in Test cricket, whilst taking part in 13 ODI matches.

The right-handed batsman was infamous for having a sort of bad luck with injuries and accidents. Bruce was part of the English team when they toured Pakistan in 1987-88. In a practice match, he was hit by the cricket ball accidentally and was rushed to the hospital.

The 60-year-old’s misfortunes did not end there, as in the hospital also he accidentally bumped his head on a wall. Later, Bruce also endured a car accident, and he was even bitten by a dog once, in 1985-86. Talk about back luck. Although, after retirement, he did have a stint with the English team as a coach.

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