Prithvi Shaw Helps Villagers Rebuild Their Homes In Maharashtra After Cyclone Nisarga

Prithvi Shaw Helps Villagers Rebuild Their Homes In Maharashtra After Cyclone Nisarga

Prithvi Shaw
Prithvi Shaw (Credits: Twitter)

With no action going on at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, India youngster Prithvi Shaw is busy helping villagers in Maharashtra. The state is enduring a tough time at the moment due to the pandemic and the cyclone Nisarga earlier this month.

And amid all these, Prithvi Shaw has decided to use the time on his hand to help the needy. The star opener was moved by the plight of the people living in Dhokawade village near Mandwa (Alibaug), approximately 110 kms from Mumbai. He has been locked down there for the last two months and is using the opportunity to provide much-needed relief to the villagers.

Prithvi Shaw
Prithvi Shaw. (Credits: Getty)

The 20-year old is staying at politician Sanjay Potnis’s farmhouse in Dhokawade, along with his son Yash. Potnis revealed how Prithvi Shaw and his son are helping the villagers put roofs on their houses after they were blown away by the cyclone. He also revealed that the young cricketer helped the villagers financially.

“Yes, they [Shaw and Yash] have been in Alibaug since the lockdown. The cyclone was pretty bad there. The entire village [Dhokawade] was badly affected. The roofs of houses were destroyed. Even my bungalow suffered some damage. Prithvi and my son witnessed the difficulties of the villagers and decided to help. Prithvi has not only helped them put the roofs back on their houses, he also provided financial assistance to some of the needy villagers,” Potnis told mid-day.

“This goes to show that Prithvi is not just a talented cricketer but also someone who understands his social responsibility at such a young age. It shows his maturity,” added Potnis.

Prithvi Shaw’s father proud:

Unsurprisingly, Prithvi Shaw’s father Pankaj is a proud man because of his son’s noble gestures. He was delighted to learn of his son’s good deeds.

“Prithvi has come up the hard way. He has seen difficult days when he was climbing the ranks as a cricketer and that’s why he empathises with people who are struggling in life,” Shaw Sr said.


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