"Eveyone Feeling Better": Quinton de Kock On South Africa's Culture Camp

“Eveyone Feeling Better”: Quinton de Kock On South Africa’s Culture Camp

Quinon de Kock, Mark Boucher, MS Dhoni, India
Quinton de Kock. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Cricket South Africa has arranged a special culture camp of a group of its 32 players with the focus to discuss about the team’s identity, team environment and team performance. South Africa captain Quinton de Kock was mighty pleased with the camp, arranged in  Skukuza from August 18 to 22, and said that everyone is feeling a lot better.

De Kock said that the camp helped the players get things off their back and it was something that the team needed. The opener further talking about the camp said that the players had good chat which is the need of the hour and everyone left feeling a lot better and comfortable with each other.

Quinton de Kock
Quinton de Kock. Credit: BCCI

“A lot of guys got things off their back, it was something that this team needed,” said De Kock of the camp that was held to address a number of issues currently affecting the game in South Africa at the moment.

“We’ve had a lot of good chats which I think the team needed. Everyone is leaving feeling a lot better about the environment and about themselves.

“We feel a lot more comfortable as a team going forward, which was needed… we’re excited about going into the future now.”

Quiton De Kock
Quinton de Kock hopes to continue Faf du Plessis’ legacy. Getty Images

De Kock also said that it was very important for youngsters to understand the team’s culture before they are selected into the national team.

“It was very important for us during the break that the COVID-19 pandemic has created to get the guys to reconnect while our FTP (Future Tours Programme) was getting sorted out. We felt that it was important for the guys to come together to engage on some of the critical issues surrounding the team or elements that need attention,” the team manager Khomotso Volvo Masubelele said ahead of the camp.