Virat Kohli Has Positively Impacted Each And Every Level Of Indian Cricket: Fielding Coach R Sridhar

Virat Kohli Has Positively Impacted Each And Every Level Of Indian Cricket: Fielding Coach R Sridhar

R Sridhar
R Sridhar (Credits: Twitter)

It is no surprise why the Indian captain Virat Kohli commands and has earned so much respect. It is not only his achievements that deserve it but the sportsman spirit, sense of ownership, dedication, commitment, and finally urging the players to give their absolute best every time they step into the park, it all bodes equal recognition. The same has been emphasized in detail by India’s fielding coach R Sridhar.

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Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricketers in the world today. The 31-year old makes use of his full fitness in every possible way whether it is in terms of running between the wickets, affecting run-outs or taking screamers. While Kohli can hit boundaries at will, he prefers to keep the scoreboard ticking by regularly opting for the ones and twos.

Virat Kohli Has Positively Impacted Each And Every Level Of Indian Cricket: Fielding Coach R Sridhar
Virat Kohli (Photo-Getty)

Even though the 2019 World Cup couldn’t go as planned, R Sridhar believes that they were one of the consistent fielding teams in the tournament. He also commended the efforts of the side in the New Zealand tour this year where the hosts swept the men in blue across Tests and ODIs. And for all those combined things that came right, Sridhar handed the captain the credit, who set the example and positively impacted every single level of Indian cricket.

We planned for that 2019 World Cup and to a large extent we achieved that. We really brought the gap between a good day and bad day and we ended up as probably one of the most consistent fielding teams there, we dropped a little bit in the tour of New Zealand in the one day series, which can happen to any team, there was a bit of a transition but also I thought we took a foot off the pedal a little bit, but again that Test match, although we lost I think it was a fantastic effort from the boys, turning it on, Umesh, Virat and Jaddu,” Sridhar stated as quoted by Times Now.

“I mean that’s what it is, we’ve got to be more consistent and it all comes from Virat Kohli, Virat Kohli has done wonders, to not only the Indian cricket team but percolating down to every single level of Indian cricket,” he added.

For Virat Kohli, it’s a non-negotiable. Non-negotiable: R Sridhar

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Virat Kohli (Photo: Twitter)

The 49-year-old went on to add that on the watch of Virat Kohli; a player cannot ill-afford half-hearted fielding efforts. It is mandatory for every athlete on his side to give their 100% to save as many runs for the team. Furthermore, in Virat’s first series as full-time captain in Sri Lanka in 2015, all the cricketers have to spend a minimum of 20 minutes with the fielding coach for catching practice.

For Virat, it’s a non-negotiable. Non-negotiable. A slow mover on the field or someone not giving 100% on the field, that’s it – non negotiable with him and that kind of an intensity is what he produces and for a youngster if he just watches it, it should spur him on and he made it mandatory for each and every fielder, not now.

I’m talking about 2015, his first full series as Captain in Sri Lanka, he said no optional sessions in fielding, Those who turn up on the ground have to turn up with the fielding coach for 20 minutes of catching. You don’t have an out there so that is what he brought in, first day, I remember. You’re captain and he walks the talk, doesn’t he?”

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