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The former Indian skipper Rahul Dravid keeps coming up with gems. There is always a lot to admire from Rahul Dravid and he keeps multiplying his respect with his guile thinking. The latest reason to take our hats off to Rahul Dravid is another great idea. The Wall as he famously known in his heydays has come up with the idea of alternate careers for young cricketers.

There is a lot of competition in Indian cricket. Yes, there is the Indian Premier League which has given the room to the young blood to be more fearsome in their approach. However, it is always hard for young players to concentrate on their education while focussing to foster their cricketing career at the same time.

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Dravid comes up with another great idea.

The National Cricket Academy in Bangalore COO Tufan Ghosh told about Rahul Dravid’s planning about the future of young players.

“Dravid and the other coaches here had pointed out the need to start such a process. We are working towards formulating a structure before it is sent to the higher authorities in BCCI to get things going,” Ghosh told TOI.

There are only 11 vacancies in the India National Cricket Team and it is not at all a cakewalk to earn the Indian cap. Hence, it makes sense to secure the careers of budding cricketers who aim to go all the way in the cricketing world.

Life education is crucial.

“Right now, we can’t be teaching them like what happens in NIS, but Dravid has emphasized on life education. Most of the cricketers these days are so engrossed in playing the game that they don’t look at any other aspect of life,” Ghosh said. “It has been observed a lot of these young players quit cricket by 21. Then it’s a struggle for them to lead a stable life. We are looking at life coaching, internships with companies and training in other vocational courses and then facilitating jobs for the youngsters.”

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It is imperative to focus on the future.

Tufan Ghosh said that they will try to get in touch with the state bodies as well as the academies across the country. Subsequently, if the players will feel that they should go through this process, then it would be implemented.

“We will try to align the state bodies and academies. And if the players from various state bodies feel the need to avail this facility then they can do that easily,” Ghosh said, “We are looking at roping in a good number of companies,” added Ghosh.

Rahul Dravid is known to hit the nail on the head. There is always a risk of failure if a young player tries to make his career in the sport. He may achieve success but not all can get to a level where they can make ends meet. Thus, it is pivotal that the players are educated and if cricket doesn’t go according to plan as they supposed it to go, they should have some other options up their sleeve.

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