Ramji Srinivasan Calls for More Clarity Over Yo-Yo test

Published - 20 Jun 2018, 05:39 PM

Ramji Srinivasan
Ramji Srinivasan calls for transparency over Yo-Yo Tests

Former India trainer, Ramji Srinivasan has called out the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for making the mandatory Yo-Yo test more transparent.

Meanwhile, BCCI recently made the Yo-Yo test mandatory to get into the India squad. Srinivasan feels it is like clearing the semester by passing just one subject.

He also urged to make it more lucid after Ambati Rayudu, Mohammed Shami, and Sanju Samson failed to clear it.

Srinivasan further said the famous Yo-Yo Test is just a part of fitness drills to decide whether one can perform at the highest level. He also believes external factors cannot determine the Yo-Yo Test results.

Indian players have to cross fitness test cross 16.1 to play at highest level | PTI

Yo-Yo is just a part of fitness drills, and it is basically for soccer. I don’t know how you can judge an athlete by just one aspect of fitness. It is like passing an entire semester by clearing only one subject. If you pass in English, you also have to clear Science and Mathematics,” Srinivasan told to Sportstar.

Besides Indian Cricket Team, Srinivasan also trained players in Australia. He is currently part of the fitness culture in the Tamil Nadu cricket team and the Chennai Super Kings.

Srinivasan expressed his surprise after Rayudu failed to make the cut.

Rayudu covers the ground very quickly. Cricket is not rocket science. It is one of the easiest sports to train physiologically. The psychological aspect is more demanding. He is a fighter and he will be back. I don’t know what to say about Sanju as well. Shami’s case is still understandable as he had a niggle and he went through a lot on the personal front, which hampers training,” he added.

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He also urged to make the Yo-Yo test public for all the fans and requested for showing it on televisions. Srinivasan also wanted proper monitoring of the test undertaken by the players.

Sprint is easy, so is agility and speed, but it has to be standardized. The indoor-outdoor temperature and the time of the drill (morning or noon) are crucial. I am not sure how well it is being documented. If the BCCI wants to be open about it, they should telecast on television, with all the players lined up. That will shut everyone up. I don’t know whether the readings are being monitored. It will help a player take video reference on the test,” he concluded.

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