Ranji Trophy: Saba Karim Not In Favour Of 'Full DRS'

Ranji Trophy: Saba Karim Not In Favour Of ‘Full DRS’

Saba Karim

In a first, the Ranji trophy 2019-20 season, saw the use of limited DRS which turned out to be a major success as it was able to cut off a few howlers in the semi-finals and finals. However, the clouds of uncertainty hover over the fact that, whether a full DRS will be brought into play from the next season.

In an interview with IANS,  BCCI GM Saba Karim said, he was happy with the result of limited DRS. It will prepare the match officials for full use.

We were able to eliminate howlers: Saba Karim

Ranji Trophy: Saba Karim Not In Favour Of 'Full DRS'
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Emphasizing on the fact that, the howlers were cut short, Saba Karim was happy with the result. The BCCI GM also said that the players were happy with how the things unfolded in the Ranji trophy this year.

“I am very happy to see the results of the limited DRS. I interacted with the players, the coaches and the match officials. The idea was to prepare them as and when the matches are played with full DRS, they are able to understand that and use it accordingly,” Karim told IANS.

“We were able to eliminate lot of howlers which we had noticed in the last season of the Ranji Trophy knockouts.”

“Largely, the players and the match officials were very happy. Since it was a limited DRS, it was explained to the players and the match officials how to use, the number and the kind of decisions to be referred to the third umpire.

“There were obviously a few misgivings about the decisions. But the overall feedback we received from the players and the coaches was heartening,” he said.

Usage of DRS in Ranji trophy 2019-20

Jaydev Unadkat, Rajasthan Royals, Ranji Trophy 2019-2020
Jaydev Unadkat (Credits – Twitter)

In each innings, each team were allowed to make a maximum of four player review requests that are categorized as unsuccessful.

In terms of the 15-seconds countdown, after a review was taken, the third umpire communicated the countdown of 15 seconds with the on-field umpire via two-way radio.

To assess whether a batsman is out or not out, the third umpire, after judging whether the delivery is fair, can use the following technologies at his disposal – spin vision, split screen, stump mike and the zoomer which will aid the umpire to make a decision.