Reham Khan Spills the Beans on divorce With Veteran Imran Khan

Reham Khan Spills the Beans on divorce With Veteran Imran Khan

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Imran Khan. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

The controversy of former Pakistan cricketer and patron of its political party Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, and his ex-wife Reham Khan is touching the new heights.

In her first interview after the divorce, Reham said she was the victim of a witchcraft in Pakistan.

Interestingly, Reham said marriage with cricketer-turned-politician is a best to reflect how a woman is being disparaged in the society. It is important to mention that Imran-Reham announced divorce 10 months after their marriage.

Autobiography of Reham Khan:

On Thursday (June 12), the autobiography of British-Pakistani journalist Reham was finally released on Amazon Kindle and it surely will add woes to the life of the 1992 World Cup-winning captain Imran.

In the latest book, Reham revealed a conversation between her and Imran in which Imran accepted he had five children. Not yet, he also accepted that some of them belong from India.

En Passant, Imran declared that he has only two legitimate children in election affidavit.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan married for the third time. Image Courtesy: Twitter.

Imran talks about his five children.

Moreover, Reham recounts an incident after her marriage with Imran way back in 2015. The conversation is about his daughter, Tyrian, who was born to American heiress Sita White whom he later adopted.

“You know she isn’t the only one I have… There are 5 in total, that I know of,” Imran said, claimed Reham in his book.

Imran Khan’s ‘reported’ answer.

In the book, Imran said, “No, some are Indians. The eldest one is 34 now.” When Reham was questioned why the mother didn’t speak up, Imran answered that it is because she was feeling glad that she got pregnant.

About others, Imran said, “They were all married and they didn’t want their marriages to be destroyed.

Jemima Khan, the first wife of Imran Khan has detailed knowledge about all of them, claims Reham.

Imran Khan
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Drugs and black magic:

Adding the more fierce competition, Reham claims that Imran has a severe drug problem. Reham asserted that he used to all sorts of tranquilizers. Besides this, he was also taking Xanax and Lexotanil and banned Rohypnol.

However, regarding black magic, Reham said that she once saw Imran rubbing black lentils on his body hoping to free himself from any sort of curse.

Sexual encounters:

The leaked passages from the book also reveal the personal life of Imran Khan.

It reveals Imran’s encounter of being ‘homosexual’ whereas, throughout the whole book, Reham shockingly claims that Imran shared sexual orientations with many female members of his political party.

“Uzma Kardar was not only in the habit of regularly sending him images of her genitalia but would force her way in to stand or sit next to him, even in my presence,” Reham’s book reads.

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