Removing Toss Won't Save Test Cricket, Cricketing Skills Will - Ian Chappell

Published - 22 Jul 2018, 10:04 PM

Ian Chappell
Sri Lanka have dominated the proceedings against South Africa. Credits: Getty Images.

Former Australian skipper Ian Chappell believes removing toss as an option won’t serve the cricketing world to save Test cricket. In fact, Chappell reiterated the cricketing skills of the players can help in giving a new life to the traditional format.

Furthermore, Chappell believes the administrators have failed to keep an even contest between bat and ball. We have seen the bat has shown its superiority over the ball. Hence, it is generally a one-way traffic in the modern era where bat has dominated the ball.

Faf du Plessis
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Chappell hits the nail on the coffin yet again.

Ian Chappell wrote for Hindustan Times, “One of the most important tasks for cricket administrators – which they’ve failed dismally – is to maintain a reasonably even balance between bat and ball. 


“With a third format of the game now flourishing, there’s another equally important task at hand. Administrators need to achieve a reasonable balance between long and short form cricket in order to enable players with the desire to develop the range of skills required to perform adequately in all three formats,” Chappell added.

If you play poorly, it won’t make any difference, says Chappell.

Recently, South African skipper Faf du Plessis had made a plea that there should not be any toss in Test cricket. The touring side should be given the option to select whether they want to bat or bowl.

The idea behind this is to negate the home advantage of the hosts. However, Chappell believes it won’t make a substantial difference.

“This point became clear following Faf du Plessis’ hollow cry for the toss to be scrapped in Test cricket. His plea would have had more credibility if it hadn’t followed South Africa’s abysmal twin collapses for 126 and 73 in Sri Lanka. If you bat poorly, having the first choice of innings won’t make any difference,” Chappell pointed out.

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Ian Chappell. Photo Credit: AAP.

The captain needs to take the right selection calls:

Chappell added the captain should make sure that he selects his best team according to the conditions.

However, South Africa has thus far struggled to tackle the spin battery of Sri Lanka on the ongoing tour.

“Scrapping the toss is not the answer to thwart the under-hand practice of pitches being specially prepared to suit the home team. Any captain making such a complaint should consider that the best way to ensure fair pitch conditions is to choose a well-balanced attack and select batsmen with the technique and ability to succeed under all conditions,” he remarked.

Ian Chappell has once again hit the nail on the coffin with his analysis.

The former Australian leader believes that the current generation will always look up to modern-day players. Thus, they try to exhibit the same skills when they start to play at a competitive level.


Ian Chappell