Sachin Baby KCA
Sachin Baby has faced stern criticism over his attitude, and the Kerala players have asked the board to sack him as captain ahead of the domestic season.

Sachin Tendulkar was named after the great Indian composer Sachin Dev Burman by his grandfather but while naming Kerala captain Sachin Baby his parents, who love the game, came up with an accidental twist. Sachin Baby was born in Thodupuzha in Kerala and went to make his cricket loving parents proud by representing his state.

Baby has been an integral part of the Kerala team since 2009. Though Kerala came close to clinching a Ranji trophy in 2018-18 under his captaincy, he still dreams of winning the Irani Cup with the side. The 31-year-old might have took 25 first-class matches to score his first century but he lived up to his parents dream who accidentally named him after the great Sachin Tendulkar.

Kerala, Sachin Baby, Ranji Trophy 2018/19
Kerala Ranji Team. (Credits – AFP)

Sachin Baby describes how he was named after Sachin Tendulkar

Baby was a natural athlete since childhood. He participated in 100metre dash, long jump and football was always there in his book. However, his journey as a cricketer started after his physical education teacher told him to try out in a selection camp, where he was selected as an U-17 captain setting on a new journey.

It could be a mere co-incidence as his parents loved the sport. Sachin Baby was born a week after Sachin Tendulkar scored his first FC century at Wankhede stadium. It was at that moment, while watching Tendulkar’s first name on television, his parents thought this name could suit their child without knowing that Sachin Tendulkar would become a cricket legend one day.

Sachin Baby, Ranji Trophy 2018-19, Kerala
Kerala’s Sachin Baby (Credits – AP)

“Yes, when they were looking for a name at that time Sachin paaji entered the international career, so my mom and father were a big fan of cricket, when they saw Sachin paaji’s name on screen so they thought, not a bad name

“My father’s name in Baby too, so when they collected it became Sachin Baby, so it happened accidentally. They didn’t know that Sachin paaji would be a great batsman in the future, the name came accidentally,” Sachin Baby told CricketAddictor in an exclusive interview.

Baby has now scored 3251 runs for Kerala at an average of 31.25.