Sachin Tendulkar Reveales How PPE [Passion, Preparation And Execution] Helped Him Overcome Challenges

Sachin Tendulkar Reveals How PPE [Passion, Preparation And Execution] Helped Him Overcome Challenges

Sachin Tendulkar [Photo-Sportstar]

Master Blaster  Sachin Tendulkar has said that playing for the Indian tri-color was always his dream and he had to withstand numerous challenges en-route to making his debut as a 16-year-old prodigy.

Tendulkar talked about how he had to sacrifice a lot of things which includes spending time with friends as a 12-13-year-old, watching a movie with them, or play in front of their own building as he chased his dream of one day representing the country at the highest level.

”Playing for the tri-color has been a huge honor. Let me tell you, as a child all I wanted in life was that. I didn’t want anything else. Playing for India was my dream. So I started chasing my dreams, there were a lot of challenges. For a 12, 13-year old boy you don’t get to spend time with your friends, in the evening watch a movie, play in front of your building. I had to sacrifice all those things,” Sachin Tendulkar told India Today

”There were occasions where I thought I could bunk my practice and spend time with my friends. Those things also, when they happened, my coach came all the way to Bandra from Shivaji Park, picked me up along with my kit bag, took me to Shivaji Park, and made me bat. From all those sessions, there were a significant amount of things I could learn. So for me, there was nothing bigger than that,” he added.

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‘Passion-Preparation-Execution’- Sachin Tendulkar’s mantra for success

Sachin Tendulkar Reveales How PPE [Passion, Preparation And Execution] Helped Him Overcome Challenges
Sachin Tendulkar. Photo Credit: Twitter
Sachin Tendulkar made his debut as a 16-year-old prodigy against a fiery Pakistani pace battery in 1989. But his maiden Test innings, where he was dismissed for 15, made him realize the real challenges of Test match cricket. It is at this point that Sachin once again employed his mantra- Passion, Preparation, And Execution- as he strokes two half-centuries in the next three Tests.

“I realised soon enough in my career that what we played just below Test level which is Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy, the bowling attacks weren’t as good as what one would get at Test level. When I was out there playing my first Test, it was a massive challenge,” Sachin Tendulkar recalled.

“When I got back, I followed one simple thing. We are in the day and age of Covid-19, this challenge has been a massive obstacle for all us. And PPE is a familiar word with everyone but I learnt about it long time (back) in my career which was 1989. P stands for Passion for me, the other one is for Preparation and E is Execution. So I learned to practice it and move forward.” he added.

Sachin also said that he was grateful that he was able to share dressing with the superstars of Indian cricket at the age of 16.

”When I realised my dream, I was sharing the dressing room with superstars of Indian cricket. To be able to rub shoulders with them, train with them made me mentally stronger and tough to compete at international level,” Tendulkar said.

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