Sarfaraz Khan
Sarfaraz Khan (Credits: Twitter)

Sarfaraz Khan, former Royal Challengers Bangalore and the current swashbuckling Mumbai batsman is struck at his native place Azamgarh when a nationwide lockdown was imposed in the country on March 24.

The talented batsman, however, is using this time to distribute food packets to migrant workers in Azamgarh. A video is going viral on social media where Sarfaraz, along with his younger brother Mushir and his father Naushad can be seen distributing the food packets to the migrant workers, who are traveling back to their native state.

Watch: Sarfaraz Khan Distributes Food Packets Along With His Family To Migrant Workers In Azamgarh
Sarfaraz Khan (Credits – Twitter)

Taking to the Press Trust of India, Sarfaraz said that the idea behind their current practice arose when they used to witness a plethora of people travelling on roads. The 23-year-old reckoned that local boys from the village are also helping him and his family in this benevolent work.

“When we used to go to the market, we use to see scores of people travelling on the roads. And hence we decide to help them. It was my father’s idea to help the migrant workers,” Sarfaraz told PTI.

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Sarfaraz Khan has skipped Eid celebrations this year

Sarfaraz’s father Naushad reckoned that they have been able to distribute close to a thousand food packets thus far. The contents of the food packets include a water bottle, apple, banana, cake, and biscuits.

Sarfaraz, who had a whirlwind Ranji Trophy season last year, is not celebrating Eid this year.

“We will not celebrate Eid this time. The money we would have spent to buy new clothes and accessories on Eid, will now be spent on those needing help. We urge all those who are economically well, but also come forward to help others in this time,” Sarfaraz was quoted as saying by Times of India.

Watch: Sarfaraz Khan Distributes Food Packets Along With His Family To Migrant Workers In Azamgarh
Sarfaraz Khan. (Credits: Twitter)

The 22-year-old had a brilliant Ranji Trophy campaign for Mumbai last year. In just six games, the prodigiously talented batsman racked up as many as 928 runs including a double and a triple-hundred at a barely believable average of 154.66.

Sarfaraz would have been playing for Kings XI Punjab by this time but for the onslaught of COVID-19 due to which the 13th edition of the IPL has been postponed for an indefinite period of time.

Watch the video here:

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