Shadab Khan Reveals Two Most Difficult Batsmen He's Faced So Far

Shadab Khan Reveals Two Most Difficult Batsmen He’s Faced So Far

Shadab Khan
Shadab Khan. Credit: Twitter

Pakistani all-rounder Shadab Khan recently opened up about the two toughest batsmen that he has had faced in his career so far. The 21-year-old made his debut for the Green Army three years ago, and he has since become a key player for the national team.

Shadab has played five Tests, 43 ODIs, and 40 T20Is for Pakistan, proving to be a handy contributor with both the bat and ball. In his relatively young career, the right-handed cricketer has played against various legendary players.

Shadab Khan, Difficult Batsmen, Steve Smith, Rohit Sharma, Pakistan
Shadab Khan (Source: Twitter)

Shadab rose to fame with his bowling and has slowly become a decent batsman as well. The youngster was recently asked to name the toughest batsmen that he’s bowled to. Obliging to the question, he named two of the most lethal batsmen in contemporary cricket.

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Shadab Khan says Smith Steve and Rohit Sharma are the toughest batsmen he’s faced:

Shadab has bowled to various batsmen in his career so far. While on some occasions, he was able to dominate them, on the other hand, sometimes he was hit for runs aplenty. Looking down the memory lane, he named Indian vice-captain Rohit Sharma, and Australia phenom Steve Smith as the toughest to bowl to.

The youngster appeared on a youtube channel and confessed that he has struggled at times against the likes of Rohit and Smith. Shadab said that he finds it difficult to play against the Australian batsman because, in Australia, the pitch doesn’t assist spin bowlers that much.

Shadab Khan, Difficult Batsmen, Steve Smith, Rohit Sharma, Pakistan
Shadab Khan (Source: Twitter)

This, in turn, makes the task of playing one of the greatest batsmen of the current era, a daunting task in itself. Shadab also added that after Smith, he considers Rohit as the most difficult batsmen to bowl to, because against the Indian batsman, there is little margin of error.

Every single mistake against Rohit could prove costly, added the Pakistan all-rounder. Shadab has a great outing in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) lately, although the tournament was called off due to the Coronavirus.

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