Shahid Afridi reveals who gave him the name of 'Boom Boom'

Shahid Afridi Reveals Who Gave Him the Name of ‘Boom Boom’

Shahid Afridi, Boom Boom
Shahid Afridi reveals Ravi Shastri gave him the name of 'Boom Boom' in cricket. Image Courtesy: Getty

There have been many cricketers around the world who will always be remembered for their unique names. Amongst all, ex-Pakistan all-rounder, Shahid Afridi‘s ‘Boom Boom is still a special one, as it perfectly looks relatable to him.

Apart from the regular names, people always love to call their heroes with nicknames. Much to the same, Shahid Afridi has always been referred to as ‘Boom Boom’ wherever he goes.

Ravi Shastri gave me this name – Shahid Afridi

Do you ever get intrigued with the origins of something? It will always remain unique as something which you never heard of is going to be with you for the major part of your life. The same thing happened to Afridi as well.

Shahid Afridi, Ravi Shastri
Shahid Afridi celebrates victory in his trademark style. (credits – AFP)

When Shahid was at his brutal best on the field for Pakistan, Ravi Shastri in his commentary panel termed him as ‘Boom Boom. Since then it became the tagline for Shahid Afridi alongside his other pet name, ‘Lala’.

The former skipper of Pakistan started a question-answer session with his fans on Sunday on Twitter. One of his fans asked Afridi to reveal the name of the person who gave him the tag of ‘Boom Boom. Afridi was quick in replying him writing “Ravi Shastri”.

One of the fans of Afridi named Talha asked his hero quoting ”Who gave you the title Boom Boom?” To which Shahid Afridi replied “Ravi Shastri”.

On the work front:

The former skipper of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi was due to play in the ongoing Carribean Premier League 2018 for Jamaica Tallawahs.

However, he failed to take part as he didn’t successfully recover from his knee issue. Probably, it would take quite a time for him to be back on the field.


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