Shane Warne Comes Up With A Solution To Counter The Problem Of Bad Light

Shane Warne Comes Up With A Solution To Counter The Problem Of Bad Light

Shane Warne,
Shane Warne. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Former Australian spin legend Shane Warne has come up with a solution to counter the problem of bad light. The ongoing second Test at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton between England and Pakistan has witnessed several stoppages. While day three and four resulted in washouts due to rain, the umpires ordered players to go off the ground on the second day, owing to bad light. At least an hour’s day of play could not take place.

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The second Test at the Ageas Bowl is headed for a draw as Pakistan have batted only once, managing 236 on the back of two fifties.

Mohammad Rizwan top-scored with 72 while Abid Ali made 60 in Pakistan’s scratchy innings. The home side began batting on day four as Rory Burns lost his wicket to Shaheen Afridi in only the fourth delivery. After only five overs, rains returned to stay.

England, West Indies
The Rose Bowl, Southampton (Credits: Twitter)

While Shane Warne does not have a solution for rains, he does suggest how to counter the bad light problem. Shane Warne conceded that the floodlights could be lowered, to begin with, and use the pink ball.

The 145-Test veteran understands that the players are playing for their careers too and it’s not only England where players go off due to poor light.

Remember that the players they are playing for their careers too so it might not be ideal and it’s a different time. But it’s a lot of stake for the players too.

“My first point would be let’s look at the light meter and let’s lower what we think is too dangerous and keep the same for both the sides. I feel pink balls should be used in Test match cricket because it’s not just here in England that people go off because of bad light,” the 50-year-old told Sky Sports.

Warne further said that pink balls must be used, which could be seen even during bright sunshine. Warne admitted that the manufacturers should come up with the best pink ball possible and the ICC should put a stamp on which is the ideal one to be utilized for the game.

So, if we lower the light level and we use the pink ball, when those lights come on, it’s a lot easier to see. One can see the pink ball even during bright sunshine easily. So, I reckon that the ball manufacturers should come up with the best pink ball possible, the ICC then says right this is the one that holds up in all the conditions the best and we are going to use this pink ball for Tests,” Shane Warne added.

It’s easy for us to sit here and say why aren’t they playing: Shane Warne

Shane Warne
Shane Warne (Photo by Philip Brown/Getty Images)

The second-highest wicket-taker in Test cricket emphasized players’ safety and that it can be easy for the fans to say why aren’t they playing. However, the players are under a lot of pressure as well and it’s an international sport, which involves risks. Earlier, former England captain Michael Vaughan suggested the use of a pink ball too to counter the troubles of bad light.

That means I believe if we lower the light meter reading to a bit lower or when it starts to get dark, we use the pink ball for Test matches where everyone can see it easily I think players will stay out longer. Because these players are under a lot of pressure and it’s their careers as well.

“It’s easy for us to sit here and say why aren’t they playing but remember we were playing out there too, Well, it is a career, you are playing a sport, an international sport, it’s a dangerous one but to reiterate and summarise to lower that light level, lower that when we go off and it’s a bit dark too, really dark, pink ball and remember that these players are sometimes under a lot of pressure,” Warne added further.

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