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Well, in the modern day, the game of cricket has evolved to the core. The technology changed the shape of the game, which was a good thing but in the meantime, it also got a few flaws. One of them was DRS (Decision Review System), which served well so far. Speaking of the same, the former flamboyant Australian cricketer Shane Warne suggests an interesting change to the system.

Despite producing the results, the technology is under question when it comes to hotspot and Snicko issues. There have been the cases when the DRS usage has gone entirely wrong. The recent one happened in the second T20I game between Kiwis and Indian National Cricket Team when Mitchell was given out despite an edge on the hotspot.

I’m a fan of DRS only if it is used right – Shane Warne

Speaking of the same, the Australian Shane Warne asked officials to remove umpire’s call from the DRS. He believes that if the ball is hitting the stumps than it should be given out and no on-field decision should be considered.

Shane Warne, DRS
DRS (Credits – Getty)

”I think any improvement to the game that can help us get to the right decision is fine. I don’t mind. I’m a fan of DRS only if it is used right. And at the moment, I don’t think it is used right. It’s simple: Take away the original umpire’s decision. You can’t have exactly the same ball being given out and not out depending on what the on-field decision was. Identical deliveries: one results in ‘out’ and the other results in ‘not out’. That can’t be the case,” Shane Warne said.

If it’s hitting in line and hitting the stumps, it’s out – 

He feels that the two decisions should not be there while using technology. Shane Warne firmly believes that removing the on-field decision from the DRS textbook would do a world of good for the system. He also explained a couple of scenarios to prove his statement right.

”It’s either out or not out, but because of what the on-field decision is, there can’t be two alternatives to the same delivery. If I bowl a ball and it hits the guy in front of the stumps, and the umpire says not out. I review and it says: The ball would’ve gone to hit the stumps. But it says ‘umpire’s call’,” he quoted.

Shane Warne, DRS
Shane Warne. Image Courtesy: Getty

”The next ball, I bowl exactly the same one, and the umpire says ‘it’s out’ – that’s wrong. The same ball can’t be out and not out. The simpler way to do it is take away the original decision of the umpire. If it’s hitting in line and hitting the stumps, it’s out – no matter what the umpire says,” Warne inferred.

Well, Shane Warne has got a valid point in his kitty. The removal of the on-field decision would clear the issues behind the third-umpire decision. Perhaps, it would also put a full-stop to a lot of debates.

DRS has always been on the news for obvious. It has got a lot of pros and cons just like any other technology. Implementing Shane Warne suggestion to it might help the game watch results in a clear way.

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