Simon Taufel Quits From Cricket Australia's Head of the Umpiring Panel

Simon Taufel Quits From Cricket Australia’s Head of the Umpiring Panel

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Simon Taufel, perhaps, the umpire who has been very precise in his decision while ruling on the field. He has always been a great inspiration for the young umpires in the cricketing circuit. Meanwhile, he quits from Cricket Australia’s (CA) head of umpiring panel.

It is learnt Taufel left the post on his own conscious. It came to known from the sources that Taufel isn’t impressed with leadership members in the troop. Meanwhile, the board cited that Taufel has his personal reasons.

Initially, CA’s head of performance Pat Howard introduced Taufel to improve the standard of umpiring and provide the craft with greater recognition.

Taufel started his role as a match referee and umpire selection panel manager.

Cricket Australia, Simon Taufel
Cricket Australia (Credits – Getty)

Simon Taufel had difficulties in carrying the suggestions from leadership members:

Meanwhile, the umpires in the panel showered words of praise on Taufel for his fantastic approach in explaining for the young umpires. They added that Taufel has always been precise in his decision making.

One umpiring source said to Sydney Morning Herald: “[Simon Taufel is] well known for his serious, precise, professional approach to match management issues” but there were suggestions he “has had difficulty carrying all key people forward with him”. There have also been suggestions funding for his area had been cut.

As per the Fairfax media, the umpire Taufel has taken a leave for a week and wouldn’t likely to continue his contract with the CA. It was a surprise decision as only two weeks left before the kick off of the domestic one-day series.

Simon Taufel, Cricket Australia
Simon Taufel (Credits – Getty Images)

Career Stats:

Simon Taufel has always been lauded for his impressive performance as an umpire. He was probably one of the few umpires who carried the fan following for his umpiring brilliance.

Taufel, who began at the young age of 29 from Sydney, stood in 74 Tests. He also stood in 174 one-day internationals and 34 Twenty20 Internationals as well.

Simon Taufel was the ICC umpire of the year for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. He served Cricket Australia owing to the boss of the umpiring panel.


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