One way or another, controversial model Sofia Hayat loves to stay in the limelight. And she has already shown that she can come up with outrageous ideas to accomplish her desires. She pretends to be a divine soul and called herself as ‘Gaia Maa’ and ‘Allah Maa’. All these antics are no less than outrageous.

She constantly seeks headlines and somehow manages to get them. But, strangely, for the past few weeks, there was no news about her. So, therefore, as one would suspect, there has to some way she would try to come back again in the minds of the general public or say her ‘devotees’.

Well, the suspicion was right. Very true.

Sofia Hayat, in her comeback, has targeted ex-boyfriend Rohit Sharma in her latest attempt at creating a drama on social media. The model apparently was bothered of Rohit pestering him and therefore blocked him on Twitter.

Sofia’s personal life:

Sofia is married to a businessman and recently posted pics of the wedding on her Instagram profile. It seems she was concerned with her past interfering with her present. But, it was unnecessary largely.

After enjoying a fairly good time in the Mumbai glam circle, the British-born model quit the profession and became a nun. However, despite becoming a nun, her habit of deliberately seeking the spotlight hasn’t left her.

Rohit Sharma, on the other hand, is currently married to his childhood friend Ritika Sajdeh. They got married on 13th December 2015. The pair is currently going strong. Wife Ritika accompanies the cricketer in almost all the games, whether franchise cricket of international.

He is currently busy with the Champions Trophy held in England. Thus far, the right-handed opener has done a wonderful job, scoring 91 against Pakistan and 78 against Sri Lanka last night.

India, however, is in a tricky position. After winning the opening game against Pakistan quite comfortably, they suffered a stunning loss at the hands of Sri Lanka. This setback has denied them a chance to qualify for the semi – finals and now puts their fate on the line when they face South Africa in the final league game.