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Sonam Kapoor to Stare Opposite Dulquer Salman in Cricket Based Movie “Zoya Factor”

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has been paired with South Indian hero Dulquer Salman for the upcoming movie based on a novel written by Anuja Chauhan in 2008, the Zoya factor. Tere Bin Laden director Abhishek Sharma will direct the film, and the shooting of this particular film will begin in August.

“Cricket woven into a rom-com and touching on superstition and luck, it’s an amazing book for a screen adaptation. The book has many layers, characters and tracks, so it took Neha Rakesh Sharma some time to pen a tight screenplay and Pradhuman Singh to write the dialogues. Now, we’ve gone back to Anuja who’s happy with the script to polish it and work on additional dialogues as nobody knows the characters better than her,” said Abhishek Sharma.

The Movie is based on a novel written by Anuja Chauhan

It was published by the HarperCollins in India during the year 2008. The story revolves around a Rajput girl named Zoya Singh Solanki. She ends up meeting the Indian Cricket team through her job. She was an executive in an advertising agency and later on became a lucky charm for the team in the 2010 Cricket World Cup. Anuja Chauhan started working towards her first novel in 2006 and wrote when she got spare time. She was the vice president at JWT Delhi and was closely associated with cricket advertising. She will be pretty happy to know that a film will be made based on her novel.

When asked what prompted him to sign Sonam for the role, Abhishek Sharma said:

“She was the first person that came to my mind as she’s as bubbly as Zoya and after seeing Neerja, I’d sent her an autographed copy of the book requesting that she read it. We both got busy with our respective commitments after that but a few months later, Sonam checked with Aarti, a close friend of hers, on the status of the screen adaptation.”

This is the first time that Sonam will be paired opposite Dulquer.

“I knew immediately that this was the boy we were looking for. In the book, Nikhil is from the North but in our film, he hails from the South but speaks good Hindi… I later saw parts of Bangalore Days and Comrade in America and was most impressed,” Abhishek said.

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