South African Cricketers Association Calls For CSA To Resign

South African Cricketers Association Calls For CSA To Resign

South Africa
South Africa (Credits: Twitter)

The crisis engulfing Cricket South Africa has deepened further with South African Cricketers’ Association [SACA] calling for the CSA Board of Directors to stand down from their role following the notice of October 14 advising of the South African government intervention from the Minister of Sports, Art, Culture [DSAC], Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

In a letter sent to Cricket South Africa Board of Directors, Minister Mthehwa had asserted the need for a possible government intervention following the ‘total failure of leadership’ on the part of the governing cricket body to resolve many of the crisis that has plagued South African cricket in the past 18 months.

“Minister Mthethwa strongly believes that there is great merit in creating an environment where sports problems are handled within the sports movement and accordingly wishes to offer them every possible opportunity to demonstrate their stated commitment to cooperate on a way forward for cricket,”

SACA asserted that given the way the crisis has engulfed in the past 18 months, there is no confidence left in the Board of Director’s ability to govern the organization and it believes that an interim Board of Directors must be established to stabilize the organization.

“This interim Board should include a SACA player’s representative as well as a representative from the remaining stakeholders in the game (sponsors and broadcasters).  Furthermore, the interim Board should appoint an experienced Administrator to assist in the operational work that is required at CSA, ensuring a link between the interim Board and operational staff.” said SACA in a statement.


‘Players will suffer, the development will suffer and the future of the game will be prejudiced’- Andrew Breetzke, SACA CEO

South Africa
South Africa [Photo-Twitter]
If the South African government does manage to intervene, it could jeopardize South Africa’s status as an ICC member and the proposed home series against England. To ensure that the same does not happen, Andrew Breetzke, SACA CEO stated-

 “Cricket is in an existential crisis, and the intervention of Government will result in the International Cricket Council (ICC) reviewing CSA’s position as an ICC Member, and will furthermore jeopardize the England Tour scheduled for next month.  Players will suffer, the development will suffer and the future of the game will be prejudiced.  However, as has been recognized by DSAC and SASCOC, the current Board has no credibility to resolve the crises, and it is clear that the current impasse between Government and CSA will not be resolved until such time as the Board stands down.”

“We, therefore, implore the CSA Board to stand down and thereby take a decision that will be in the best interests of cricket. As we have stated previously, CSA is not able to self-correct, and the intervention of the Government is further evidence of this.  The current governance structure of CSA must be reviewed, and this has been acknowledged by CSA,” added Breetzke.

“The interim Board must facilitate the implementation of the Nicholson Recommendations through amendments to the MOI, as this will allow for an effective Board of Directors to ultimately take over the responsibility of the governance of the game,” he concluded.

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