Virat Kohli, Aaron Finch
Virat Kohli, Aaron Finch. (Credits: Twitter)

Steve Smith and Virat Kohli have been the leading Test batsmen for some time now. While Smith is currently the No.1 ranked Test batsmen in the world, the position has changed hands quite a few times between him and Virat Kohli since 2015.

Steve Smith Or Virat Kohli? Aaron Finch Picks The Better Test And White-Ball Batsman Between The Duo
Virat Kohli and Steven Smith. Credits: BCCI

The debate has raged on as to who among Virat Kohli and Steve Smith is the best in red-ball cricket. Australian white-ball captain Aaron Finch was asked the same question and while he hailed both Virat and Smith as world-class batsmen, the Aussie white-ball opener picked his teammate over Virat as the better Test batsmen.

“In Test cricket, what is unbelievable about them is their records both home and away. Virat had a tough series in England last time with Jimmy Anderson but he came back and dominated. Smith has never really struggled anywhere to be fair. He is an unbelievable Test player. The thing that puts them above all is how dominant they are all around the world. There is one thing to play in your own country but to it everywhere is extraordinary.” Aaron Finch said during an interview with Sports Tak.

“Sometimes they get out early, but that’s just part of the game but they do not miss out too many times in a row. When they get in they go big. I think Smith has an edge in Test cricket. Steve in Test cricket is unbelievable,” he added.

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That said, when it comes to white-ball cricket, Aaron Finch said Virat Kohli has an edge over Steve Smith

Steve Smith Or Virat Kohli? Aaron Finch Picks The Better Test And White-Ball Batsman Between The Duo
Virat Kohli. Credits: Getty

Finch reckoned that by the time Virat Kohli finished his career, he will end up as the best One-day player in the history of the game.

Kohli is the fastest to cross 10,000 run-mark in the history of ODI cricket. He already has 43 tons to his name and is one of the best run-chasers in white-ball cricket.

“By the time Virat Kohli finishes his career, he will be the best one-day player of all time, if he is not already. Playing against him is difficult but at times it is also beautiful to watch. It is like playing against anyone who is best of the best, regardless of whether it is Virat or Rohit or Kane Williamson or David Warner.” Aaron Finch reckoned

“Sachin (Tendulkar) got more hundreds and more runs but the way Virat constructs run chases and the number of hundreds he has got in winning run chases is extra-ordinary. So, T20, Virat probably has the edge over Steve Smith and it is just because he has played a bit more cricket. You would pick either of them in any of the teams because they get the job done more often and they are bloody good.” he added.

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