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David Warner had an Ashes 2019 to forget. He tried to block, watch carefully, leave the deliveries but nothing worked in favour for him as he senior England fast bowler Stuart Broad made him his bunny. It did not came out of sheer luck for Broad as he prepared to get the better off the attacking Australian batsman well in advance.

Before the Ashes 2019, Broad did not had a good record against Warner. But the marquee tournament between the traditional rivals last year was different, as Broad removed Warner seven times which included three straight ducks.

Did a lot of research: Stuart Broad

Stuart Broad, Joe Root
Stuart Broad, Joe Root (Credits: Twitter)

Stuart Broad knows David Warner is a dangerous player and if he gets set, he can open the attack on the opposition. The England fast bowler has played for years against Warner and decided to use his height to the fore after a lot of research. In a podcast with Sky Sports, Broad, revealed how he exposed Warner’s technical flaws.

“I did a lot of research going in as my record against him was really average,” Broad said on Sky Sports podcast.

“He is such a dangerous player and one of the best third-innings opening batsmen in the world. You know he can come in and take the game away from you if Australia have got a lead.

“Having played against him a lot over the last eight or nine years, I found that, as I am a taller bowler, when he sat back in the crease he was cutting and square driving me a lot to the boundary

“I decided I was just going to try and hit his stumps every ball. I was not going to try and swing it away from it as I felt that gave him width, I was just going to scramble the seam.

“If he hit it straight back past me for four, I’d be happy. I didn’t mind a few early boundaries if I could bring those stumps into play. I probably ended up bowling a bit fuller than I planned but it worked.

“Once I got him at Lord’s, the third time in a row, I just got that feeling like I was getting a bit of a competitive edge over him,” Broad added.

David Warner spoke to Stuart Broad during the series

David Warner
David Warner. Credits: Twitter

Warner does not likes to show his emotions. He is aggressive and holds back most of it. However, during the rough patch in Ashes 2019, Warner went to Broad and spoke to him about what is going wrong. But Broad did not gave away on his research and reveal what way making things work for him.

“Little things, like he’d come and talk to me in the morning. That’s something he’s never done as he is such a strong competitive character. He was just trying to find out what was going on.

“He asked me in the warm-up at Lord’s whether I had meant to nip it up the slope and I was like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ but of course I hadn’t!,” Broad said.