Sunil Gavaskar Slams IPL Critics; Says Criticism Is Out Of Jealousy

Sunil Gavaskar Slams IPL Critics; Says Criticism Is Out Of Jealousy

Sunil Gavaskar, India A, BCCI
Sunil Gavaskar. Credits - BCCI Twitter

Sunil Gavaskar, the former Indian opener-turned commentator, has lambasted people who criticize the Indian Premier League [IPL], adding the criticism towards the cash-rich league comes out of jealousy.

Ever since it was announced that the tournament will take place in the UAE, a certain section of cricket fans have criticized the BCCI for prioritizing the cash-rich franchise league. Sunil Gavaskar said that people only look at the financial aspect of the tournament but they fail to realize that a number of livelihoods are dependent on the IPL. He also added that only those people criticize the IPL who don’t stand to gain anything from it.

”They [the critics] only see the money aspect that is there in the IPL. They don’t look at what the IPL does. I think it all boils down to jealousy. Only those who do not benefit from it, do not get anything from the IPL criticise it.” Sunil Gavaskar told India Today.

“There are so many people whose livelihoods are there because of the IPL. It can be the guys who are at the grounds who paint people’s faces, people who are making those shirts that are sold outside the stadiums just before a match, or the vendors who have food stalls at the stadium. There is an entire cottage industry around the IPL,” he further added.

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‘IPL is a soft target’- Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar Slams IPL Critics; Says Criticism Is Out Of Jealousy
MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma with the IPL trophy (Credits: Twitter)

The former Indian opener also reckoned that people criticize the IPL since it is a ‘soft target’.

”Somebody wants to be a little famous on the Internet, then you target the IPL. The IPL is a soft target. An argument people opposed to the IPL give is, we know Indian cricket and we are thinking of the good of Indian cricket. Oh, I see, so you are the only ones who are going to be sitting in judgment and telling us what is good for Indian cricket. Of course, not,” Sunil Gavaskar added.

The 13th edition of the IPL is all set to take place in the United Arab Emirates between September 19-November 10. The 13th season of the cash-rich was supposed to take place in India between March 29-May 24 but the tournament had to be postponed due to the rising Covid cases around the world and the subsequent lockdown.

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