T10 League to Have Two New Teams for the Second Edition
Abu Dhabi T10 League

T10 League had garnered plenty of attention from the fans last year. The shortest format will be bigger and better in the second season according to the organizers. Two new teams have been added to the league for an extended schedule.

The two new franchises are Karachians and Nothern Warriors, based out in India. Also, the second season will be played across 10 days instead of four-day schedule which was followed in the inaugural season in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Also, Team Sri Lanka will be rebranded into a new franchise as Rajasthani Heroes.

Unlike the first edition which saw only Sri Lankan players in the team, this time around they will have players from across the globe.

Interestingly, UAE is scheduled to host the tournament once again. The country could see more cricket in the next 12 months as there are chances of Indian Premier League (IPL) moving out in view of general elections scheduled for 2019.

Chairman of the T10 league, Shaji Up Mulk has expressed his confidence in the league during the announcement.

“Today is a significant day in the history of the T10 league. We have been joined by new owners of new teams in our league. I welcome them all to our T10 family,” Mulk said at the press conference on Wednesday.

“We have Karachians and Northern Warriors. We wish you all the best for the second season,” Mulk added.

Shahid Afridi and Virender Sehwag
Image Courtesy: Twitter

“Our vision is to see T10 become an integral part of domestic and international cricket all over the world. T10 cricket is already proving to be a big hit. We are excited to see how this revolutionary new format will change the game,” he added.

T10 Format could help cricket into Olympics:

Despite being the second most popular sport in the world, cricket had not been part of Olympics over the decades.

However, the President of the league, Salman Iqbal believes that T10 League could be cricket’s best chance to make it into the Olympics.

“T10 is getting bigger and bigger. Last year we had four days of cricket and this year we will have 10 days of exciting cricket. Our league is recognised by the cricket world. Also last year, we saw a massive crowd at Sharjah Cricket Stadium and this year I am sure the tournament will see packed stadiums,” Iqbal asserted.

“See it’s fast-paced cricket, matches are over in 90 minutes. People have loved it in the first season. If the interest continues to grow at this rate, we might even take cricket to the Olympics!,” Iqbal concluded.

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