Never Experienced Racism In South African Camp: Tabraiz Shamsi

Never Experienced Racism In South African Camp: Tabraiz Shamsi

Tabraiz Shamsi, India vs South Africa 2019,
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South Africa spinner Tabraiz Shamsi said that he never experienced racism in the South African camp. His statement comes in a situation when there are large protests carried out against racism and citizens across the globe are standing united to eradicate it. Sportspersonalities across the globe. have also joined the Black Lives Moment, and gave their views about it.

South African team recently underwent a cultural camp to understand each other better. Shamsi said that the camp made his realise that there’s a lot of strength in being able to communicate rather than just sitting and assuming.

Tabraiz Shamsi
Tabraiz Shamsi (Credits: Twitter)

“I think for me, the biggest thing was that as a group we realised that there’s a lot of strength in being able to communicate, rather than just sitting and assuming. Once we air out our views and understand things from the other person perspective, then things become a lot clearer and a lot easier for us to understand where people are coming from, where their hurt is coming from, where their happiness is coming from,” Shamsi said in an official release issued by Cricket South Africa (CSA).

“In the Proteas environment, I’ve never personally experienced any racism. The past players have spoken about it and how things were not equal and stuff like that. I think even the players that did make it, had to go through some hurdles that they shouldn’t have had to experience if there was a level playing field,” he added.

Shamsi picked Virat Kohli as his maiden wicket. (Credits – Getty)

Cricket South Africa had arranged a special culture camp of a group of its 32 players with the focus to discuss about the team’s identity, team environment and team performance. South Africa captain Quinton de Kock was mighty pleased with the camp, arranged in  Skukuza from August 18 to 22, and said that everyone is feeling a lot better.

De Kock said that the camp helped the players get things off their back and it was something that the team needed. The opener further talking about the camp said that the players had good chat which is the need of the hour and everyone left feeling a lot better and comfortable with each other.