Teammates Kill 21-Year Old Cricketer Out Of Jealousy

In an unfortunate news, a 21-year old cricketer from Karnataka was killed by two of his teammates for being a better player. The deceased identified as Shubham Gouthaman was a resident of Hubli, a town located in the outskirts of Karnataka, and was a promising fast-bowler. But with chances limited in his native place, the budding cricketer decided to try his luck by playing in a tournament in Bangalore. Little did he know that the dream of becoming a better player would cost him his life and what is more heartbreaking that he was murdered by none other than two of his mates that he decided to travel with to Bangalore. One of the murderer is a son of MLA.

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The deceased along with two of his so-called friends travelled to Bangalore in a private bus to participate in the tournament. And while Shubham was perhaps dreaming of proving himself in the tournament, the other two were planning something else. With Shubham being a better cricketer than them, the two decided to let the jealousy get the better of them.

According to The Indian Express, Shubham was killed while he was having his food. But the duo did not stop there and with the help of the MLA (father of one of the two accused) took all the possible measures to hide their heinous crime. At first, they took Shubham to Devangiri hospital where they had the autopsy done before the arrival of the deceased’s parents. Later, the politician took advantage of his power and tampered with the post-mortem report to save his son and the other accused. And as if it was not enough, the duo left Shubham’s body in the hospital and went ahead to take part in the cricket tournament.

But surprisingly the whole incident has failed to attract the media’s attention. But those who are aware of the story are making sure to demand justice for Shubham by sharing posts with the hashtag #JusticeForShubham on social media.

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