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Galle International Cricket Stadium is under threat, and Sri Lanka may not host any international cricket any more, as its future lies in danger.

Galle is considered one of the luckiest stadiums for the Islanders, and the statistics and numbers are supporting their belief.

As the initial proposal is all set to be presented in December, Galle is likely to be relocated elsewhere.

Galle International Cricket Stadium. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

As per sources, a long discussion took place soon after the news got circulated. A special discussion took place on July 19 (Thursday) between officials of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA), Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Archeological department.

Relocation of the stadium:

It has been stated that Ministry of Southern Development has clearly instructed that stadium needs to be relocated somewhere else.

The Galle stadium has been located near the Galle Dutch Fort and UNESCO has recently declared it a world heritage site.

It has also been stated that the construction of Galle stadium took place without any approval from the responsible authorities.

Requests from UNESCO:

It has also been stated that UNESCO from time-to-time has requested Sri Lankan authorities to take stern action.

UNESCO has also requested Sri Lanka to remove unapproved constructions which have been built in a buffer zone.

As per recent reports, some construction has also been taken place within the Galle Old Fort.

“We have not heard anything officially from the Cultural Ministry. As the Sports Minister is out of the country a further discussion may be held after his return before a final decision is taken,” said Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Ashley de Silva.

De Silva has also pointed out that no demolition has been taken place. He pointed out that one of the buildings that got demolished was an indoor arena for the net practice session which was damaged by the Tsunami.

Galle stadium remained in news recently as it came under the radar following tampering of the pitch.

Sri Lanka
(Photo credit should read LAKRUWAN WANNIARACHCHI/AFP/Getty Images)

The allegations were surfaced that two Sri Lankans have agreed to alter the conditions of the pitch. It came only for a purpose to change the outcome of the Test against England.

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