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Injuries have always a part of one sportsperson’s career. In fact, it is all but impossible to have an injury-less career. These setbacks always blight the career but they also teach them to get back on their feet. India’s batsman Suresh Raina recently went under the knife and had to undergo a second knee injury. Raina stated that the second knee injury was a tough call to make. The southpaw had undergone the first knee injury in 2007 when the issue began in the first place.

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Consequently, Raina will need four to six weeks in his rehab process and he would thus go on to miss the initial phase of the domestic circuit. Raina last played in Indian colors in 2018 against England at Headingley. However, the southpaw batsman could not grab his opportunities and thus he was dropped from the side.

Suresh Raina
Suresh Raina. Credit: BCCI

Raina gives gratitude to his trainers and doctors.

Raina stated it was a tough call to make as he knew that the surgery will put him off action for some time.

“To be honest, a second knee surgery was a tough call to make because I knew it would put me off-action for a few months and I wasn’t ready for it until a few weeks ago when the pain had gotten a bit much and I knew there was only one way out of this,” Rain wrote in a post on his social media handle.

“I hope I’m up on my feet, on the field and ready to give my best very soon again,” he added.

Subsequently, Raina gave credit to his trainers who helped him stay fit. It wasn’t easy for Raina as the pain aggravated and he had no option than to go for the surgery.

The Second Knee Injury Was A Tough Call To Make - Suresh Raina
Suresh Raina (Credits: IPL)

“The issue began way back. It was 2007 when I underwent my maiden knee surgery and later, I was back on the field, giving the game my 100%, all thanks to my trainers & doctors.

“However, a nagging discomfort returned the last couple of years. During the episodes of niggling pain, to avoid any impact on my game, my trainers kept me going and helped me a lot in training my muscles well so that it would take the load off of the knee,” revealed Raina.

Suresh Raina would aim to make a roaring comeback to the game and he would eye to get back into the national team. Raina would like to perform consistently for Uttar Pradesh in the domestic cricket.

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