Tim Paine Aims to Kick Start a New Era in the Australian Cricket

Tim Paine Aims to Kick Start a New Era in the Australian Cricket

Tim Paine
Tim Paine. Credits: Getty Images.

Australia’s rookie skipper Tim Pain has vowed to begin a new era in the folklore of the Australian Cricket.

The Australian team is always known to play hard cricket. However, Cricket Australia had come under the scanner after the ball-tampering scandal against South Africa in March early this year.

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Paine believes they can continue playing aggressive cricket, but they need to show more respect to the opposition. Consequently, Paine wants to begin a new chapter of recollecting the debris of the Australian Cricket.

Tim Paine
Tim Paine. Credits: Getty Images.

Tim Paine aims to revolutionize Australian Cricket.

We border-lined on abuse and going too far,” Paine told Wisden Cricket Monthly. “Team don’t want to be abusive by berating and belittling our opposition like at times we’ve attempted to. We want to be more respectful and we think we can still play hard and successful cricket doing it that way. Banter is part of the game but abuse isn’t”.

Australia players have always liked to get under the skin of their opposition. However, Paine believes it is high time that they adopt a better approach.

Meanwhile, Paine isn’t of the idea Australia should adopt a lenient approach at the expense of playing competitive cricket.

Paine went on to add, “We want to be known as a competitive and hard team but we want to do it in a way that our fans and our public like. Through a really dark period is a silver lining that we get to reset that”.

Australian team celebrates their wicket. (Photo by Nigel Owen/Action Plus via Getty Images)

The wicketkeeper-batsman who will lead Australia against England added the same got discussed under the leadership of Steven Smith.

Paine added the current team doesn’t want to be like the former teams.

Paine added, “Under Steve, a few of us had sat around a few times with myself and a couple of the other guys and spoke about the need to change the way we were going about it at times. We felt we were getting a little bit too aggressive. We don’t want to pretend we are like ex-Australian cricketers. What we probably got caught up with over the years is trying to play a way that people have always perceived Australian teams to be, and that doesn’t suit this current side.”

Tim Paine
Tim Paine

Paine aims to create a better environment.

Tim went on to add they don’t want to follow the footsteps of their neighbours New Zealand.

The right-hander added they have their method and they must believe in that to come up good.

“There are going to be times where it is going to get heated, but as Justin has said, we know what is right and we know what is wrong. We’ve just got to stick to that. Do we want to play exactly like New Zealand did then? No. We want to play a way that suits our team and the individuals in our team. We want to create an environment where people can play their cricket and be themselves.”

Australian Cricket has taken a lot of criticism in the recent past. However, the current team should mould their methods if they feel the same from within.

Just because they have taken a lot of bashing in the recent times, should not be the sole reason behind their modification. They have to stay true to themselves to start a new chapter in the Australian Cricket.

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