Top 10 Teams With Most Losses In ODIs

Top 10 Teams With Most Losses In ODIs

Lasith Malinga, Sri Lanka, Asia Cup
Lasith Malinga. Credit: Getty Images)
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Winning and losing is a part and parcel of every game and cricket is not an exception either. However, it is the teams that manage to lose as less as possible that go on to create their own legacy in the game. Over the years, we have seen a number of countries dominating the game like no other team and have found a special place in the history books.

There are also teams who struggle to win on a consistent basis especially the newcomers who find it tough to compete against the powerhouses.

Here are the top 10 teams that recorded the most losses in ODI history.

10. South Africa- 216 losses

South Africa's Predicted Playing XI
South Africa. (Photo by Andy Kearns/Getty Images)

The Proteas are arguably the most dominant ODI side in the past three decades. Although, they do not any world cup to their name, South Africa are a cricketing power house.

They suffered the least number of defeats among the best teams in the world. In 625 ODI matches, South Africa suffered defeat only in 216 games. The feat is quite a remarkable one.

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