Most Wins In ODIs
India vs Australia (Credits: Twitter)
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Cricket is one of the biggest sports in the world. The sport is well supported by almost 1/3rd of the population across the countries. Needless to say, it has captured the eye of many other sports over the years.

When you play cricket at the highest level, representing your country it does not get bigger than that. On the other hand, every sportsman plays to win the game.

Over the history of ODI cricket, here are the Top 10 Teams With Most Wins In ODI Cricket:

10. Bangladesh- 128 wins

Bangladesh, Windies, Cricket World Cup
Image Credit: Twitter

Ever since Bangladesh made their debut in ODI cricket in 1986, they had a constant growth. However, the team got massive boost in the quality of their players.

In 376 ODI games, Bangladesh won 128 matches. Expect the count to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. Bangladesh cricket team are growing to become one of the best teams in Asia at the moment.

The team have started to their rise to the top since 2007. But in recent years, they managed to win ODI series against some of the best ODI teams in the world at home.

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