Top 10 Teams With Most Wins In Test Cricket

Top 10 Teams With Most Wins In Test Cricket

India | Teams with most wins in Test Cricket
India. Credit: Getty Images
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Test matches are considered to be the highest standard and the most pristine form of the game. The first officially recognised Test match took place between 15 and 19 March 1877 and was played between England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), where Australia won by 45 runs.

Currently, there are 12 Test playing nations; the latest entry being Afghanistan and Ireland in May last year. Zimbabwe’s Test status was voluntarily suspended in 2006, because of poor performances; it returned to Test competition in August 2011.

Although the introduction of T20 cricket has curtailed the growth of Test cricket, but ICC is trying various means to revive the purest form of the game. They recently introduced the ICC World Test Championship which will run for two runs to give a context to the bilateral series.

Any sport is about winning or losing and Test cricket is no different. Although there is a scope of a draw, but teams strive for a win which measures their success rate in the game. The top-notch sides like India, Australia, and England have been dominant forces since their entry in the Test foray alongside other teams.

We at Cricket Addictor will take a look at the top ten teams with most win in the history of Test Cricket:

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10. Zimbabwe

Top 10 Teams With Most Wins In Test Cricket
Zimbabwe. Credit: Getty Images

Zimbabwe was granted Test status by the ICC in July 1992 and played its first Test match in October that year, against India at Harare Sports Club. They became the ninth country to play Test cricket. However, the start was not at all good as they lost 29 of their first 30 matches.

Meanwhile, due to the worsening political situation and exodus of players, Zimbabwe decided to stop playing Test cricket. They returned to Test cricket on 4 August 2011 after a six-year exile, hosting Bangladesh in a one-off Test match at Harare. The national team’s re-introduction to Test cricket was successful, as they won by 130 runs

So far, they have managed to win only 12 Tests out of 110 matches with 69 losses and 28 draws. As a result, they find themselves in the tenth spot in the list of most wins by a Test-playing nation.

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