Inzamam-ul-haq (Courtesy: Twitter)
Inzamam-ul-haq (Courtesy: Twitter)

Altercations and banters have been a part and parcel of cricket. But sometimes it has left cricketers fired up and taken them to a different level. One such incident took place during the 1997 Sahara Cup, when Inzamam-ul-Haq was irked by a fan of Indian origin. The incident saw the former Pakistan captain confronting the fan by entering the stands.

The incident took place after the fan was calling names constantly and also made an inappropriate comment towards Mohammad Azharuddin‘s wife. Former India batsman Vinod Kambli, a part of the rival side, said that he was shocked to see the incident break out, Kambli also added that he was point out at a bat during that time as it came as a major shock for everyone.

India, Vinod Kambli
Former Indian batsman Vinod Kambli feels that team India will start as a strong contender for the win against Australia in the upcoming series/Getty Images

“In fact, that incident, because we were sitting in the dressing room and our team was batting, the Indian team was batting, we were sitting there in the dressing room and then suddenly we saw Inzi just trying to show for a bat,” Kambli said on The Greatest Rivalry podcast.

“He was just pointing out to a bat, so I saw the 12th man taking the bat, and passing by his dressing room and passing our dressing room too and went from there straight to Inzi. The entire incident was like, you were literally shocked. It was a shocking moment for all of us.”

India and Pakistan have always been red-hot rivalry. It is one of the most-anticipated series’ if not the most. In high voltage affair, both teams look to put their best foot forward. In the 90s, Pakistan were a force to reckon with but gradually India took an upper hand in the bilateral affair. The sub-continent side have also dominated in the World Cups.

However, rivalry aside, both the teams have also developed a bond of friendship over the years. There have been times when both the teams have had dinner together to clicking pictures with each other, having mutual respect. The political ties between both the countries have made the bi-lateral series’ next to impossible to be hosted.