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Indian skipper Virat Kohli has said that life will change a lot after the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the world to a standstill. It seems the world as a whole has gone into isolation and things keep worsening with days passing by.

The sporting spectrum has also faced a lot due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Major cricketing action all across the globe has come to a standstill. India has also suffered a massive loss due to the rapid spread of the virus, and the entire country has succumbed to a halt. India was in a 21-day national lockdown from March 25, and now the nation-wide lockdown has been extended until May 3.

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Indian skipper Virat Kohli has now shared his thoughts on the pandemic and reckons that life won’t be the same after this comes to an end.

Virat Kohli Opens Up On Life After COVID-19 Pandemic Ends

Speaking in an online class organised by “Unacademy”, Kohli and his actor wife Anushka Sharma talked at length about the challenges they faced before tasting success.

“The one positive out of this crisis that we as a society have become more compassionate. We are showing more gratitude to the frontline workers in this war, be it police personnel, doctors or nurses. I hope it stays this way even after we overcome this crisis,” said Kohli with Sharma seated next to her.

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The nation is behind you. Bring it home boys, tweets Virat Kohli for India U19. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Virat Kohli said the pandemic had taught the world a very important lesson.

“Life is unpredictable. So, do what makes you happy and not get into comparisons all the time. People have a choice now how to come out of this phase. Life is going to be different after this,” said the skipper.

Major Cricketing Events Come To A Hold After Coronavirus

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IPL Cup (Credits – Twitter)

Recently, the IPL 2020 was suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak. To the disappointment of the cricket fans, the India-South Africa ODI series has also been called off. Apart from it, the Road Safety World Series has also been suspended.

The ECB had decided to postpone the two-match Test series against Sri Lanka due to the coronavirus pandemic. The series was to be a part of the World Test Championship (WTC).

All the English players playing in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) were called back immediately, and the tournament has been postponed.

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