Virat Kohli, Five instances, Agression, ICC's code of conduct, fined
Virat Kohli has been animated on the field. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Last Update on: January 17th, 2018 at 05:35 pm

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Since Virat Kohli has made his appearance in the top-flight cricket in 2008 at Dambulla in Sri Lanka, he has been on the adrenaline rush, he has been brash, bold and equally the boss across formats – to break the slew of records and rule the roost.

But when it comes to the on-field behavior he becomes different while not shying away from taking the dig at the opponents.

However, the 29-year-old Kohli has been energetic and right at the top of the game which saw him expressing the anger owing to his passion and dedication towards the game he not only preferred to have a shot but live on.

The Team India skipper Kohli has been found breaching the world cricket body International Cricket Council’s (ICC) when it comes to the sheer aggression and throwing the tantrums many-a-times.

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The contemporary game has now witnessed the sudden surge in the technology which has further made it easy for the officials of the game to pinpoint the mischievous acts.

Known for his brilliance with the bat, Kohli has amassed the runs at the average of over 52 across formats.

So far, the top-order batsman Kohli has featured in 202 One-day Internationals, 64 Tests, and 55 Twenty20 Internationals. He has smashed 32 hundreds in ODIs, 20 tons in the Test fold.

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Here’s the compiled list when Kohli was charged for his conduct on the field while donning the national jersey:

Persistent questions about damp-ball to Michael Gough

Virat Kohli, Five instances, Agression, ICC's code of conduct, fined
Virat Kohli did not hide emotions. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

As India has been battling after trailing the three-match Sunfoil Test series 1-0 on South African shores, Kohli on day three further showed the dissent when he threw the ball aggressively on the ground which further saw him questioning the on-field umpire Michael Gough.

It’s pertinent to point out that Kohli was further charged with 25 percent of match fee for his misconduct and further handed over a demerit point.

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After the rains interrupted the game, Kohli had a serious discussion with the match-referee Chris Broad.

Middle finger gesture didn’t sit well in Australia

Virat Kohli, Five instances, Agression, ICC's code of conduct, fined
Virat Kohli showed middle finger towards the crowd at Sydney. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

When it comes to India and Australia, it has not been about the game only, but it has been beyond that in the recent past.

One of the incidents happened back in 2012 when India was playing at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) under the leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni which further saw Kohli gesturing with a finger towards the peppy crowd.

However, Kohli was charged match fee of 50 percent under Level 2 offense when he remarked the crowd had gone too person when sledging had grabbed the headlines.

Moreover, Kohli pleaded the guilty as the sledging saga further drew the criticism and has been the hottest topic when it came to the India-Australia series.

Virat Kohli showed dissent over caught-behind in 2013 against New Zealand

Virat Kohli, Five instances, Agression, ICC's code of conduct, fined
Virat Kohli knows what it takes to lead and produce with the bat. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

The prominent face of Indian cricket Kohli, who has further acclaimed the fame for his remarkable approach following his incredible performances in the gentleman’s game, has further been facing the controversies.

In 2013, when on-field umpire raised the dreaded finger, but Kohli stays put and had a look at the umpire before taking a long way back to the stadium which did not sit well with the match referee and thus Delhi-based batsman was charged for 15 percent of the match fee.

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The incident happened in Dambulla, in the sixth over of Indian innings against New Zealand during a fifty-over Tri-nation series fixture.

2014 altercation between the trio including Virat Kohli in Australia

Virat Kohli, Five instances, Agression, ICC's code of conduct, fined
Virat Kohli was charged alongside Shikhar Dhawan and David Warner after Adelaide verbal exchange. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Following the unfortunate death of Phillip Hughes due to the concussion when he was hit around the earlobe by fast bowler Sean Abbott in the first-class format in 2014, but what unfolded was the bitter memories for hosts Australia and India.

Moreover, the altercation between David Warner, Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan saw the things heated up again when the Australian opener was given the reprieve on a no-ball from speedster Varun Aaron.

The match officials found that it was not in the spirit of the game when Kohli and Dhawan were caught exchanging the verbal volleys after Warner screamed out ‘Come On’ when the giant screen displayed ‘not-out’.

Dhawan and Kohli were charged 30 percent of the match fee each, as Warner was fined for his 15 percent as per the rules and the regulations.

In 2016 Kohli was livid over the decision in Asia Cup against Pakistan

Virat Kohli, Five instances, Agression, ICC's code of conduct, fined
Virat Kohli was fined 30 percent for showing the dissent. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

In 2016, Kohli was again in the news which further saw him being enraged over the decision when he was trapped in front of the stumps by the left-arm Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir.

Interestingly, the fixture is further known for Amir’s remarkable spell early on which subsequently saw Kohli showing grumpiness before being charged under Level 1 offense which further saw him pay off 30 percent of his match fee.

Moreover, Kohli who was thoroughly disappointed with the decision and for the brief time had constantly looked at the umpire before India emerge as winners.

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