Wahab Riaz Recalls Sledging Incident With Shane Watson During 2015 World Cup

Wahab Riaz Recalls Sledging Incident With Shane Watson During 2015 World Cup

Shane Watson-Wahab Riaz ICC World Cup 2015
Shane Watson-Wahab Riaz Image Credits: Getty Images

One of Pakistan’s most fearsome pace bowlers, Wahab Riaz has opened up on the sledging incident that took place between him and Shane Watson in the quarter-final of the 2015 World Cup. Notably, the cricketing world witnessed a fierce contest as Wahab Riaz tore apart Shane Watson with his speed and bounce in that game.

Shane Watson-Wahab Riaz
Shane Watson-Wahab Riaz Image Courtesy: Getty Images

The 150 kph thunderbolts made Watson look like a club batsman. Wahab’s first nine balls to Watson were dots and the other 12 were also not at all easy for the former all-rounder. Watson would have been Wahab’s prey on that night, had Rahat Ali not dropped the catch.

Wahab Riaz Opens Up On 2015 World Cup Sledging Incident With Shane Watson

During the world-famous spell of the 2015 World Cup, Wahab Riaz turned the table and gave Watson the taste of his own medicine.

Remembering the incidence, Wahab says, “When he came into bat, I settled the score with him. When I was batting Watson just came up to me and said ‘are you holding a bat?’ and that was going through my mind. I let him know that even he had a bat, but he couldn’t touch the ball.”

Wahab Riaz
Wahab Riaz. Getty Images

The Spat Began During Pakistan’s Batting

It was the quarterfinals of 2015 World Cup in Adelaide between hosts Australia and Pakistan. On the last ball of the 34th over Shahid Afridi had to depart and that meant the start of the arrival of Pakistani tail-enders. Wahab Riaz missed almost every ball from Starc as, throughout the World Cup, Starc was on fire and bowled perfect yorkers. Every miss from Riaz led to an old Aussie-styled chirping.

The closing fielders had a piece of advice also for Wahab as they said, “It’s the little white thing try and hit it!” A moment later Shane Watson came from the slip cordon to say, “Are you holding a bat?”

Mitchell Starc-Wahab Riaz
Mitchell Starc-Wahab Riaz Credits: Getty

Wahab’s moment came soon. It was as if Wahab Riaz was searching for Shane Watson. He delivered some quick bouncers to leave Watson bamboozled. However, Watson showed his defiance and Australia went on to win that game and also their 5th World Cup title eventually.

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