Wasim Akram's Biopic 'Akram: An Era' Announced At PSL's Opening Ceremony

Wasim Akram’s Biopic ‘Akram: An Era’ Announced At PSL’s Opening Ceremony

Wasim Akram, Akram: An Era, Wasim Akram's Biopic, Pakistan Super League 2020, PSL 2020
Wasim Akram (Credits: Twitter)

Pakistan legend Wasim Akram has joined the illustrious list of players whose lives have been documented as a sports biopic. Wasim’s biopic, titled ‘Akram: An Era’ was announced at the opening ceremony of the Pakistan Super League’s fifth edition (PSL 2020).

After the opening ceremony of PSL 2020 at the National Stadium in Karachi on Thursday night, many people were disgruntled due to various reasons, but as soon as the news broke out about Wasim’s biopic, the fans burst into cheers. After the news was confirmed the 53-year-old expressed his gratitude for the same.

While the shooting of ‘Akram: An Era’ will begin at the end of this year, the makers haven’t yet announced a  release date. The script has been finalised and discussions are underway regarding the star cast of Wasim’s biopic.

Wasim Akram, Akram: An Era, Wasim's biopic, PSL 2020
Wasim Akram (Credits – Twitter)

Wasim Akram talks about his biopic ‘Akram: An Era’

The former Pakistani skipper earned the nickname ‘Sultan of Swing’ due to his on-field exploits, was delighted upon the announcement of his biopic, while he said he is looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

The film will not only reflect on his cricketing career but his personal life as well.

Wasim said, “The fact that films are being made on cricket and more importantly, sports stars is not only a good sign for the film industry but for the sport as well. Films are a unique portal to engage a whole new generation; I am looking forward to participating in the production and cannot wait to see how this pans out.”

‘Akram: An Era’ will be helmed by director Addeel Niazi, while he will also produce the film alongside Executive Producer Arsalan H. Shah. The film will be made under the banner of 502 Productions and Pomelo Films.

Wasim Akram, Akram: An Era, Wasim's biopic, PSL 2020
Wasim Akram (Credits: Twitter)

Niazi too spoke out about Wasim’s biopic, revealing that there are a lot of uncertainties and expectations from his projects.

He said, “Wasim is to date one of the most legendary names in the cricketing world, and having the opportunity to project his journey on-screen to his fans is as thrilling as it is nerve-wracking. We hope that we can do justice to his story.”

“I have found the kind of people who feel equally devoted to the script and together I am certain we will create something whimsical whilst inspirational,” Niazi added further. 

Since the news was announced, cricket fans have been left drooling at the prospect of getting to relive the legendary story of Akram, on the big screen. social media has been buzzing with posts about ‘Akram: An Era’.