Bowler, Unique Action
Bowler takes a swivel before delivering the ball. Credits: BCCI

The game of cricket recently has shifted in favor of the batsman in recent past. Bigger bats, fielding restrictions, and small grounds had made it the batsman’s game. Recently, it was seen that a bowler tried to distract a batsman by bowling a weird delivery in a game played on November 4 (Sunday). The southpaw spinner took a swivel before delivering the ball.

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However, the umpire declared it as a dead ball which didn’t go well with the fielding side as they started an argument with the umpire. They were not happy with the decision as it was a unique delivery and the batsman had defended the ball.

(Credits – Twitter)

It was a peculiar action.

Some felt that it was a correct decision while others felt that it was not a legal delivery and the decision taken by the umpire was spot on. However, there remains a question in the mind of everyone that if a batsman could play some unique shots then why can’t a bowler rotate 360 degrees and deliver the ball. We have seen that a batsman can change his grip and play the swing hit, which is allowed. Then why there was an objection from the umpire?

A bowler sets up his field before delivering the ball, keeping in mind his plan for a particular situation. Thus, he shows all his cards to the batsman. Subsequently, if a batsman goes for a switch hit, how is it fair on the bowler?

The rules should be the same for both bowlers and batsmen

Bowler, Unique Action
Bowler takes a swivel before delivering the ball. Credits: BCCI

In the modern day of cricket, batsman tends to play lots of unique shots. It was also seen that the rules have favored the batsman a lot. Moreover, there are some names given to those famous shots – reverse sweeps, switch hits, Dilscoop, ramp shots, etc. The delivery was same as those shots played by the batsman in the modern day.

Furthermore, it was a unique delivery, and it should be appreciated. It will require a lot of practice to keep it in line after that twist and turn. People are also speaking that if a batsman can play a reverse shot, then bowler can rotate 360 degrees in his run-up unless he is not bending his arm as per ICC code.

Former Indian spinner Bishan Bedi took it to Twitter to post the video of that bowling action. Bedi post read as, “Weirdo…!! Have a close look..!!”

Just before releasing the ball the bowler took a 360-degree turn before rolling over the arms. The batsman defended the ball quite comfortably but the umpire declared it as a dead-ball.

Here is the video:

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