Watch: Noor Ahmad Mankads Pakistan's Mohammad Huraira In ICC U19 World Cup

Watch: Noor Ahmad Mankads Pakistan’s Mohammad Huraira In ICC U19 World Cup

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Noor Ahmad affecting the Mankad (Credits: Twitter)

Afghanistan youngster Noor Ahmad looks set to face the heat after pulling out a Mankad dismissal during the quarterfinal clash against Pakistan in the ongoing ICC U19 World Cup.While the Mankad is well within the laws of the game, the mode of dismissal has long been viewed as an unsportsmanlike way to dismiss a batsman.

In this dismissal, the bowler takes the bails off once he sees the non-striker leaving the crease before the ball is released. The term Mankad has been used for this kind of dismissal since Indian player Vinoo Mankad controversially ran out Australia’s Bill Brown during a Test match in Sydney in 1947.

Coming to the latest incident, Pakistan”s opening batsman Mohammad Huraira was at the receiving end of the Mankad dismissal. The incident took place in the 28th over. On the fourth delivery of the over, Mohammad Huraira had just left the crease when Noor Ahmad noticed it while he was about to deliver the ball.

But before releasing the ball, the young spinner decided to take the bails off. Noor Ahmad appealed straightaway and the umpire had no option but to refer the decision to the third umpire. Replays showed that Huraira was out of the crease and the third umpire adjudged it out

The dismissal of the well-set batsman, meanwhile, did not affect Pakistan as they beat Afghanistan by six wickets to book their place in the semifinal. Huraira’s dismissal did make many believe that Afghanistan might stage a comeback but Qasim Akram and Mohammad Haris shared an unbeaten stand of 63 runs to help Pakistan chase down 190 without any trouble.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time this sort of dismissal was pulled out in the U19 World Cup. In 2016, West Indies’ Keemo Paul had done the same to dismiss Richard Ngarava when Zimbabwe needed three runs to win with just one wicket remaining.

Here is a clip of that Mankad dismissal from Noor Ahmad: