Who Will Be The Winners If The ICC Test Championship Final Ends In Draw?

Vinod Rai, Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli with the ICC Test Mace (Credits: Twitter)

The much-awaited Test Championship is all set to start on 1 August 2019 with the first Ashes Test. The Championship will feature nine teams competing in 71 Test matches in 27 series across two years. Comprising the top nine Test teams in the world, each team will play three home and three away series. The top two teams at the end will compete in the ICC World Test Championship Final in the UK in June 2021 with the winner crowned World Test Champions.

The governing body of the game has already released all the rules and regulations of the Championship. But there are still some queries and one of them is who will be the winner if the final ends in a tie or a draw. A draw is always a big possibility in a five-day match. Recently, the World Cup final ended in a tie and England were awarded the title for hitting more number of boundaries.

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Who Will Be The Winners If The ICC Test Championship Final Ends In Draw?
The Test Championship will start from August 1, 2019 (Credits: Getty)

Well, there is a different rule in place for the Test Championship. If the final ends in a tie or a draw, the two teams will be joint champions. Although the playing conditions allow for a reserve day, it can only be used if net playing time is lost during the scheduled five days of the final. Net playing time for every Test amounts to 30 hours of play (six hours per day).

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The reserve day will be used only if the time lost during regulation play on each day is not made up on the same day. For example, if a certain amount of time is lost due to rain on any day and then it is made up by the end of the same day, the net time lost would be zero. However, if the entire day’s play is lost due to rain and the lost time is not made up, then the reserve day will kick in.

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