'Manchester United' Fan Yuvraj Singh Trolls Kevin Pietersen For Supporting Chelsea

‘Manchester United’ Fan Yuvraj Singh Trolls Kevin Pietersen For Supporting Chelsea

Yuvraj Singh, Kevin Pietersen
Yuvraj Singh, Kevin Pietersen (Photo credit should read SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Premier League returned on Wednesday with Sheffield United holding Aston Villa in an away fixture. Though the race in the league is over with Jurgen Klopp-managed Liverpool sealing the title, the excitement between fans is far from over, especially as English football returned after a brief hiatus.

English legend Kevin Pietersen has been a big time Chelsea fan and often visited Stamford Bridge to see live action unfold. The London club are set to take on Aston Villa, after sealing the transfer move of Timo Werner from Leipzing, but Pietersen seem unhappy about how the action is unfolding in the ‘new normal’.

Jofra Archer, Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen (Credits: Twitter)

Yuvraj Singh takes a jibe at Kevin Pietersen for ‘no fan’ tweet

The football matches across Germany, Spain and England have returned only to closed door. Pietersen is not pleased with it. He seemingly misses the chants, banners, boos and crowd support for his fans as one of his tweet said, “football with no fans – sleeping emoji,” suggesting he feels sleepy watching the game without fans.

Yuvraj Singh, who is enjoying his time at home with some Instagram session, was quick to comment on it. The former all-rounder, a Manchester United fan, said, “Fans on the ground ! Fans at home doesn’t matter bud , we always support the best club in the world @ManUtd”

Manchester United have slender hopes of qualifying to the Champions League with the possibly resorting to the Europa League as the points tally look at the moment. Chelsea, meanwhile, might just make their way to the European Championship.