Playing-the-Indian-T20-Fantasy-League-Today-Beat-the-Legends-with-Your-Skills (1)
Playing-the-Indian-T20-Fantasy-League-Today-Beat-the-Legends-with-Your-Skills (1)

Indian T20 cricket has taken center stage yet again as the Indian T20 League action resumed on 19th September. The venue might not be the same but there is no lack of excitement among cricket fans and they are enjoying every game. It also presents an ideal opportunity for fantasy cricket game lovers to showcase their skills by playing fantasy cricket online. The advent of fantasy sports has allowed sports lovers to be a part of the game and not just a spectator. They can test their cricket knowledge by competing with fellow cricket lovers. While the action is unfolding thousands of miles away in a different country, you can be part of the action without being physically present at the stadium.

The Howzat free gaming app available on the Play Store is the perfect place for you to test your knowledge of the game. You can play unlimited free fantasy cricket games on Howzat. Cricketing legends such Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh and Irfan Pathan have endorsed Howzat.

Here are some useful tips to maximize your chances of winning fantasy cricket leagues:

  1. Make sure you know about all players’ abilities well

Remember that the people you challenge in the fantasy cricket games have expert knowledge about all the players playing. Therefore, if you hope to win, you need to have a thorough knowledge about all the players participating in the game.

T20 cricket is completely different from the longer formats of the game. A player that is good in the other formats might not be that well-equipped to handle the T20 format. Moreover, a star player nearing the end of his career might not fare so well in the short format. And since the number of overs to negotiate is smaller in this format, the chances are that a lower-order batter won’t get that many balls to show his batting prowess.

Therefore, a player’s consistency levels are more important than anything else. A player’s form might also differ depending on the nature of the pitch. Remember, a batter’s strike rate is also important in T20 cricket.

  1. Select the right type of bowlers

As far as bowlers are concerned, some might be more suited to certain conditions than the others. History suggests that some of the world’s best bowlers might not be very successful as T20 bowlers. That is primarily because batters prefer negotiating their 4-over spells rather than taking risks.

That is why in T20 cricket, it is preferable to opt for wicket-taking bowlers rather than economical bowlers. It is wickets that get you big points in fantasy cricket.

  1. Take a good look at the pitch and weather conditions

Windy conditions might be helpful to swing bowlers as they try to make the wind work in their favor. Grass on the pitch aids their attempts. With such conditions on offer, you should pick more seamers than spinners in your team.

However, if you see cracks on the pitch, chances are that the conditions will favor the spinners. In such a scenario, do not hesitate to have more spinners at your disposal than seamers.

  1. Keep an eye on the toss

The outcome of a match might rely heavily on the toss. Therefore, it is important that you do not leave the toss out of the equation. Sometimes a last-time injury to a particular player might force you to make some last-minute changes to your team.

Depending on the pitch and weather conditions, the captain and the coach might be forced into making some tactical changes. Keeping an eye on the toss is important for that reason too. Ensure that you make all the necessary adjustments immediately after the toss if required.

  1. Pick a balanced squad

While it is mandatory to have a wicketkeeper, an all-rounder, three batsmen and three bowlers in your squad, your preference should be on picking more all-rounders because they are the ones that can win you more points with the help of their all-round abilities.

There are some all-rounders that have a knack for scoring important runs in the death overs, while they can also be useful in picking wickets in crunch situations. Therefore, they can be smart choices for you when it comes to team selection.

  1. Pick the right captain and vice captain

The captain earns you 2X more points compared to anyone else in the side for the same performance. Therefore, a wise selection on that front would give you an edge whether you play fantasy cricket with cricket fans from across the country or legends of the game.



Similarly the vice captain earns you 1.5X points compared to the other players. So put in additional thought and research into picking your captain and vice captain, as this decision can make or break your game.


If you love cricket, start playing fantasy cricket on Howzat right now. Once you get your team selection right, you can also play fantasy cricket for cash on the Howzat cash app, which you can download from the official Howzat website . The opportunity to pit your wits against cricket legends like Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh is an added advantage of playing on this trusted app. Happy gaming!