Jos Buttler
Jos Buttler PC- Twitter

Jos Buttler, the captain of England, may appear to be a serious player on the field, but on Sunday, after the hosts had lost by five wickets in Manchester and had lost the three-match ODI series against India, he demonstrated another side of him. 

With five wickets in hand and 7.5 overs left, India was able to reach the target of 260 thanks in large part to a fantastic performance by Pant, who also scored his first ODI century on the way to an unbroken innings of 125 runs. 

Rishabh Pant Hits His Maiden ODI Century
Rishabh Pant Hits His Maiden ODI Century PC- Twitter

Jos Buttler Lauds Fantastic Rishabh Pant

After the game, Buttler was questioned about Pant and how challenging it is for a captain to choose the field and game strategy for a player of Pant’s calibre. But in his lengthy response to the writer, the England captain made mention of Jasprit Bumrah. 

Jos Buttler
Jos Buttler. (Photo: Twitter)

When the reporter questioned the English captain about whether Rishabh Pant was the most daring stroke-player of this generation and whether it was nearly impossible to strategize against him as a captain, he responded: 

“Judging by the Bumrah question, you can make your own assumption again. But Rishabh is a fantastic player and again, if you give him a second chance, he will hurt you.” 

The reporter also inquires as to what distinguishes Rishabh Pant from other stroke players. In response, Jos Buttler stated: 

“I think there are numerous stroke-players around the world. Rishabh is a fearless player, is great to watch, brilliant across formats. He is an exciting player and it is his mentality that sets him apart. I think he gets great backing to go and play however he wants to play.” 

Jos Buttler Hails Jasprit Bumrah

Now you know why Jos Buttler brought up Bumrah in his response. The same reporter had annoyed the England captain by repeatedly asking him if he agreed with former England captain Naseer Hussain’s on-air assertion that Bumrah is the finest all-format bowler in the world right now after India’s 10-wicket victory in the opening ODI. 

Jos Buttler, Jasprit Bumrah
Jos Buttler, Jasprit Bumrah. (Photo: Twitter)

While Buttler hailed the India pacer saying, “There’s no doubt that he’s a fantastic bowler. He’s been one of the leading bowlers in the world for a number of years now. And it looks like he’s going from strength to strength.”

In an effort to get a clear response, the reporter asked the same query again. Buttler said, “You decide,” becoming irritated by the recurrence. 

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