Jatin Paranjpe. Image: Wikipedia
Jatin Paranjpe. Image: Wikipedia

During the recently concluded 5th Test India vs. England Test, which the home team went on to win after setting a record target of 378, former India player and selector Jatin Paranjpe feels that a few Indian youngsters were a little careless in their approach.

As a result, the series ended with a score of 2-2. India was the favourite to win the fifth Test on Day 4, but the team’s poor batting performance in the second innings allowed England to take the match, and Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow’s massive 269-run partnership gave England a remarkable victory early in the fifth day.

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India vs England (Credits: Twitter)

While Joe Root hit an undefeated 142, Jonny Bairstow also had a strong performance with an unbeaten 112, his second century of the match 

Rahul Dravid And Vikram Rathour Would Try To Establish Clarity In Young Minds: Jatin Paranjpe

“I daresay a couple of the younger players were a little careless in their approach and that to me is a bit worrying. It could be one of two things: either you want to play that way and feel that is the best way to express yourself, or you don’t get the gravity of a certain situation.

The latter is very, very dangerous. This clarity is what Rahul [Dravid] and Vikram Rathour would try and establish very quickly with the younger players,” said the former Mumbai player. 

Shubman Gill Wicket
Shubman Gill. (Photo: Twitter)

In Test cricket, according to Paranjpe, young players like Shubman Gill and Shreyas Iyer must assume responsibilities. He continued by saying that if Gill had been able to score more runs throughout the Tests, India may have won the match.  

“The way Gill was batting in the first innings, if he had batted like that for 45 minutes, he would have scored 40 runs so imagine India 50 for no loss … it would have been a different ball game,” said Paranjpe while speaking to cricket journalist and anchor Jamie Alter during an episode of his chat show on Glance.  

“While I think the world of the younger players in the team, these are opportunities for them to really digest what the opportunity areas in front of them are and learn from it.

Third innings are very tense, very crucial in a match like this and that is where I think England turned it around with Anderson getting Gill. That was a big wicket, the turning point of the game”, he added.  

India Were Diffident And Timid In Their Third Innings: Jatin Paranjpe

Iyer, batting at No. 6, produced 15 and 19, but more concerningly lost both games to the short stuff and was completely lost in opposition to the specific plan while Gill managed just 17 and 4 over two innings, losing to James Anderson both times. 

Up until the third innings, in Paranjpe’s opinion, the Indian team controlled the game well. 

Shreyas Iyer (Image Credits: Twitter)
Shreyas Iyer (Image Credits: Twitter)

“There were two or three pieces in the game where India should have done better. In Test matches, third innings are very important and I thought India were diffident and timid in their third innings. They should have come out with more purpose.

I think it falls upon the younger players to stand up and be counted in such times. A lot of the youngsters have got many chances. These are the times to really grind it out play half a session, a full session, try and think like a captain when you are at the crease.” 

The younger players on the Indian team appeared fairly capable at the start of the Edgbaston Test. While Rishabh Pant astounded everyone with his incredible batting display, some young people fared less well.

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