Virat Kohli, Rahul Dravid
Virat Kohli, Rahul Dravid. (Photo: Twitter)

Jatin Paranjpe, a national selector and former Indian batsman, thinks Virat Kohli needs a vacation but is not close to being done.

The discussion over Kohli’s form and cricket career has erupted following his recent slump. Everyone has concerns about Kohli’s career, including cricket fans and previous players. 

Virat Kohli (Image Credits: Twitter)
Virat Kohli (Image Credits: Twitter)

Virat Kohli Is Nowhere Near Finished: Jatin Paranjpe

“I think people who are saying he is finished don’t know what they are talking about. He is nowhere near finished. There is a lot more to come from him, probably he just needs a little break,” said Paranjpe.  

During an episode of his talk programme on Glance, Jatin Paranjpe suggested that Kohli take a sabbatical from the 50-over format while speaking with cricket writer and presenter Jamie Alter. 

Virat kohli. PC- AFP
Virat kohli. PC- AFP

He said, “It could be that he gives up the one-day game before other formats, at some stage. If you look at the spread of India’s matches across a calendar year, you have about 20-odd ODIs, seven or eight Test matches, sometimes ten, and then 10 T20 games.

So if he really wants a break, then weaning himself away from the 50-over game, which is becoming more and more meaningless at a bilateral level, is an option he could look at.” 

Luck Was Not On Virat Kohli’s Side In Edgbaston Test: Jatin Paranjpe

While Kohli may benefit from Paranjpe’s advice to take a vacation from the 50-over format, his recent performance in the Edgbaston Test didn’t exactly win over cricket fans. 

At just 11 runs in the first inning, Kohli left the game cheaply against Matthew Potts. He was in good form at the wicket in the other innings until English Skipper Ben Stokes arrived and broke his form. With only 20 points, Kohli left the pavilion as Joe Root made a brilliant one-handed catch.

Virat kohli 149 vs England
Virat Kohli Image Credit: The Indian Express

When discussing Kohli’s batting in the Edgbaston Test, Paranjpe claimed that luck was not on his side in either of his innings. “In this Test match he was unlucky in both innings. He got an absolute snorter in the second innings and was looking good in the first dig before a moment of indecision. These things happen,” he added.  

As he thinks Kohli has a lot more to give the squad, Paranjpe is optimistic about Kohli’s future. “A lot more to come from him, which is the biggest positive for this Indian cricket team as it recalibrates itself. They will see a lot more contributions from Virat Kohli.” 

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