Aakash Chopra thrashes Gautam Gambhir's views on MS Dhoni, says the Indian captain never wanted credit for his accolades

Updated - 02 Mar 2024, 02:42 PM

Aakash Chopra and MS Dhoni
Aakash Chopra and MS Dhoni (Credits: Instagram)

Former Indian batsman turned expert analyst Aakash Chopra feels that MS Dhoni is the most selfless captain ever in the history of cricket. Chopra in his latest YouTube video which he made to pay tribute to the legendary figure, claimed Dhoni never wanted any credits even after getting so much success. MSD will be back in action maybe for the last time for the Chennai Super Kings when IPL 2024 begins.

The more we appreciate MS Dhoni, the less it is. The more you try and find adjectives to describe him, the less it is. Perhaps Aakash Chopra described him in the best way possible when thinking of the name of his tributary video. “The Man, The Myth, The Legend. A Tribute to MS Dhoni.” – Chopra titled. 

Aakash Chopra uses Nelson Mandela reference while trying to describe Dhoni’s leadership

Aakash Chopra used a very beautiful reference when trying to describe the nature of Dhoni’s leadership. He was trying to decode the reasons why he was able to deliver 3 ICC silverware – the T20 WC, 50-over WC, and the Champions Trophy. For true Indian cricket fans, there’s nothing wrong with watching those highlights all over again or even discussing it.

And Chopra is no exception. He mentioned a quote from Nelson Mandela about leadership that fits extremely well in MS Dhoni’s case. Chopra also claimed that Dhoni’s tenure as the skipper was a whole chapter itself.

“Mahendra Singh Dhoni the leader, Mahendra Singh Dhoni the captain – it’s a huge chapter in itself. I was reading about Nelson Mandela, who said that leadership has many ways. You lead from the front, you lead from behind, you lead by example, you lead by committee.” – Aakash Chopra said in his latest YouTube video. 

Chopra would then explain that Dhoni was the type of captain who always led from behind and pushed others to flourish. He also stated that greed and desire for credit have never been in the DNA of MSD as the only thing he used to have in mind was to help his team win major events.

“He captained in a very different way. He has always captained from behind. He allowed the others to flourish. He didn’t want credit, he just wanted to make his team win. You can take the credit, remain close to and lift the trophy, and he will stand somewhere on the side.” – Chopra added. 

Chopra opines on MS Dhoni’s retirement

The former Indian opener further stated that MS Dhoni was right to call time upon his international career in 2020 as there was nothing much left for him to win. Chopra reminded everyone of the several trophies he won for his country and his IPL franchise, CSK.

“What was left to achieve? He won the T20 World Cup when no one expected he would be made the captain. Then the IPL happened, where the Chennai team won their first trophy in 2010. You won the World Cup again under his captaincy in 2011 and finished it off in style with a six.”

“After that, you also won the 2013 Champions Trophy. Chennai kept winning trophies one after the other in the IPL. So he became captain par excellence.” – Aakash Chopra concluded. 


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